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Friday, December 05, 2014


Couldn't resist the post title, if you don't know the song that the title is referring to, then don't worry and you're probably a fair bit younger than me, or your parents didn't blast their music at you on car journeys or in the house when they're cooking and they've forgotten you're there. 

This is a bit of a wishy-washy post, because life's a little bit in the air tonight. There's a few family affairs going on, that aren't exactly positive and my head - and everyone else's - is kinda scattered everywhere. I was planning to do a post/review about a new foundation I got, but that will have to wait as I can't concentrate on what to write, so it probably wouldn't be 100% accurate or honest or god knows what. So instead, I'm going to write a post about what I did at work today.

I mainly just helped out with a group of students, helping them to feed/water and generally provide welfare needs to the animals that we have. After that I just rounded things off, done some paperwork and then had a little bit of fun with the animals. The star of today was this little chameleon, which I shall call Freddie (for all intensive purposes, as I don't think we can use the animal's real name in a photo with them. Legislation or something from the workplace.) He's a Yemen chameleon, so he can only change to different shades and patterns of green and blackish-browns, not multicoloured like the panther chameleon.

Isn't he cute? And yes, the two photos are the same chameleon, literally taken a few seconds apart. In the second one, you can see that his throat is puffed out and he's a little bit curled up. That's because he freaked out at the sight of my phone and got a little defensive about how black it was, I think. Either way, he wasn't thrilled that it just appeared.



  1. Talking about blasting music in car journeys think I've been scared for life by your mums music aha, come on Eileen, oops ups side ya head, itsss my party and ill cry if I wanttt tooo haha good times wifey :') and that camamamamamam chameleon is looking prettt damn awesome dude :') xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. Hahaha, good times! There was many of those days :) So many bad songs, but I can't get them out of my head! Thought you might approve of the title ;) xxxxxxxxxx


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