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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas Aftermath.

Hey guys, hope you all had a good Christmas! Just wanted to do a post to show you a few of the things that I received off various people as presents. Just as a quick disclaimer, I'm not doing this post to show off to anyone at all and it isn't intended that way, I just thought it would be nice to share with you and I wanted to do a post showing you a few things which I loved/am currently loving. Christmas isn't about presents, for me it's more about just enjoying being with people you love and that make you happy - presents are just an added bonus. So, here are a few of the random photos I've taken over the last couple of days that have made me happy.

Who doesn't love a good Christmas dinner? This was mine and it was absolutely gorgeous. I could eat it again now in a heartbeat. Complete thanks go to my lovely mum for cooking this delicious meal.

Some kind of alcohol that I mixed up to drink during Christmas day.

Guylian are the best chocolatiers in the world. Hands down my favourite chocolate of all time. I got many boxes of these, think people are trying to tell me something.
PIKACHU ONESIE. I am completely in love, wearing it as I write this, and I have been living in it whenever possible since I opened it. It has been time extremely well spent. I don't know where this came from, but I presume somewhere off the internet.
These gorgeous babies are my new Converses. I haven't had a new pair in years and I am so happy with these.

Just another picture of the Converses, from a different angle. Why not.

So happy with these. I did get a few more shower gel/bath stuff, but these were the most brightly coloured ones. They all smell delicious. These are Radox shower gels and Wilkinson own Fruits shower gel/scrubs.
These are two pairs of fluffy socks that are extremely comfortable and warm. I guess they cold be worn as bed socks, depending on how you feel about wearing socks in bed. They were from Avon.
I can't give links or prices for anything as I don't know where some of them come from and I don't know where they came from. I kind of don't want to know where they came from or the prices either as that doesn't interest me, as it's the thought that counts. I'm genuinely happy with everything featured above and I've worn and eaten everything shown, and I've currently only used the light purple Wilko Fruit Scrub, which is in the fragrance of passion fruit and melon, which smells amazing. The passion fruit gives it such a strong and zingy smell, but the melon balances it out and gives off a more subtle sweet smell. I love the Converses, which are mainly black with the white sole. It also has a purple line running across the sole to add a little bit of a difference, and one of the double-tongues is also a deep purple, which is why I like them so much. The Pikachu onesie is so, so, so comfy, I have literally been living in it whenever it's been possible. The only time I haven't been wearing it is when I've had to go to work, or when I've had to leave and look relatively presentable. But even then I've changed back into it once I've returned home. 

Like I said earlier, I have not done this post to show off in any way and that is far from what I intended to do. I just wanted to share some of my current favourite things with people reading this, and I added some photos because photos just make everything better when you're sharing something. I may do another one of these posts to share some of the other things that I got, depending on what ideas I get for blog posts. We'll see. Hope everyone had a great Christmas!


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