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Monday, December 22, 2014

Denim & Creepers.

This is a pretty short a sweet post, basically just to show you the two new things I'm loving right now. My dad brought me them for Christmas, but I had them early to save wrapping them up and unwrapping them pretty much straight after.

I'd like to apologise firstly for the crappy quality of the second photo. The lighting was bad when I took the photo and my front camera on my phone just wasn't having it, so this was all I could do I'm afraid - I'm sure there will be a better one to come, as I haven't taken it off since it was delivered. 

I've wanted a pair of creepers for a while now, there's just something about them that I liked. I think I just fancied a change from wearing my DCs or Converses (not that there's anything wrong with these) and I just wanted something different in the shoe collection. These ones from took my fancy as I loved the chain detail on them, and I they have that design which makes them look sophisticated with whatever you wear. I love the simpleness of them and they're pretty comfy, too. These are the Penelope Chain Trim Creeper, which are currently £28.

The denim jacket is to die for. I've had my eye on this for ages, and it recently went on sale from £45 to £30 so I couldn't possibly let this slip by. I'm going through a phase of really loving tartan print, especially if it's red, which means this is perfect right now. I got a size 12 as I wanted it to be baggy and extremely comfortable (and I can never be accurate with Boohoo sizes, sometimes they're tiny, other times they're too big) and it's actually a liiiiittle bit on the large size, and I should have actually ordered a size 10 as it's a little bit over sized on purpose, but I obviously didn't read that in the description. But anyhow, I'm very happy with it, it's so comfortable and so, so warm. This is the Xenia Flannel Lined Denim Jacket, and I highly recommend both of these items if they're your style.


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