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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Just a short and sweet little blog post to interact with you, I just wanted to wish everyone who reads this or stumbles upon it a Merry Christmas! Or a good day tomorrow regardless, whether you celebrate Christmas or not. Whatever you do, I hope you're all healthy and safe, and that you enjoy yourselves.

I plan on my day going like this; wake up (or get woken up by my younger brother), open presents if Santa leaves any, eat food, watch Christmas TV, eat food, watch more TV, drink some alcohol, wait for Doctor Who to come on, then wait for the Eastenders Christmas episode to come on because it looks so epic! So pretty much, getting fat, getting drunk and getting square eyes. A fairly standard day in all fairness, besides the getting drunk as that's more of an occasional thing to do, and tomorrow is a perfect excuse! My brother usually sleeps in my room every Christmas Eve, but this year I think we're breaking that tradition as my boyfriend now lives with me, but I managed to get the day off work so I can spend tomorrow with the little bro'. :)

Enough of me rambling on, hope you all have a safe one and have fun no matter how you celebrate tomorrow, and I'll be posting again after tomorrow. Merry ho-ho!


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