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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Mini Lush Review.

A couple of posts ago, I shared some photos of the four products that I most recently brought from Lush. In this post, I'm going to review them and share my thoughts about them. Below are the four products that I brought.

From left to right, here are the reviews for each product.

Northern Lights bath bomb:
This bath bomb is one that was released around Bonfire night and was available until after Christmas time. I'm not sure whether they're brand new or if they're released every year around this time, but I'll definitely be buying one again. I love the fact that this was released in a sort of celebration of Bonfire night, as it's one of my favourite times of year and this bath bomb is so perfect for the occasion. As it's quite a large bath bomb, I did cut it in half and used it for two separate baths to make them last longer. Due to doing this, it did reduce their spectacular show in the water, but it was good anyway. It made the bath water go a lovely shade of purple, with the odd hint of blue here and there. The water would have been an even darker purple and more blue if I'd used it all in one go, but oh well. Forgive me if I'm wrong as I used this a couple of weeks ago, but to me the smell of it smelt like Parma Violet sweets. It had quite a powdery floral smell (if that makes any sense?) and it wasn't too overwhelming, which made it really enjoyable. I would definitely recommend these bath bombs and I will be buying a few more next time when they're next in store.

Dragon's Egg bath bomb:
This bath bomb is literally my all-time favourite product from Lush. It was one of the first products I ever brought, the first I used, and the one that I will always choose over every other product, hands down every time. It looks quite simplistic but if you're thinking it's just a bog-standard bomb that does nothing but fizz away, then you're so wrong. I used this all in one go, as I couldn't help myself and I just love it too much to try and make it stretch to two baths. Once it's in the water, it fizzes away and leaves a sort of creamy-soap trail where it's moved, and it slowly releases different coloured 'dragon scales' made of paper thin pieces of soap. I love these little scales and I get so excited to try and find them as they pop out as the bomb disperses. As the bomb gets smaller, it releases popping candy into the water and after a while you can hear it crackling and popping underneath the water and it all feels so magical. Especially when it gets towards the core of the bath bomb, when it releases a trail of molten gold and it leaves the bath water as an awesome golden shimmer, which is crackling and popping and smelling gloriously yummy. It's literally insane, I love this bath bomb so much, cannot recommend it enough. I love the fragrance it has, as it smells so strongly of lemon sherbet and is such a citrus smell, I could sniff it all day. Mmm, seriously such a good product.

Baked Alaska soap:
I've just had a look on the UK website for Lush, and this soap isn't on there anymore, so is it another product that's re-released around Christmas time? Either way, I nabbed some - even if it was by accident which you'll read about in the blog post Lush Haul - and I've been using it a lot since buying it. It lasts for such a long time, it's hardly shrunk in size since I brought it a couple of weeks ago. It leaves the skin feeling so clean and smooth, but it doesn't dry the skin out like I originally thought it would. I love the different colours that are in the soap, which makes it fun to look at every time I catch a glimpse of it. It has a very fresh and clean smell to it, which you'd typically expect from soap. It has a hint of citrus to it, which is another reason why I'm a fan of this particular soap, as I love anything that smells like citrus. It doesn't bubble up a great deal when you use it, but I like that about this soap, as it's keeping it simple and just nice to use without getting into too much of a lather over it. If this is a Christmas product, I will be buying it again next year as it is so worth the money and it lasts for such a long time.

Star Light, Star Bright bath melt:
As mentioned in the post 'Lush Haul', I thought this bath melt was going to turn me into an extra of the Cullen family and get me audition as a new family member if there ever were any more Twilight films. But so far, no phone calls and nobody has scouted me, so it's fair to say I'm safe and it didn't turn me into a walking glitterball. However, I have made this bath melt last at least 4 baths, so this may be why. I've been cutting a point or two off the star and plopping them in the bath whenever I've wanted to use it, to save having to clean the bath for hours afterwards. So now I'm left with the center piece, minus all the star points. So now it's just a blob. With this said, the point alone were enough and it made my skin feel soft and smooth with a subtle shimmer even after I'd gotten out of the water and dried off, which I loved. It also has a lovely lemon smell which is so pleasant to smell like after a bath. So far, none of the point changed the colour of my bath, as all of the blue is left in the body of the star that I have left, which I'm really looking forwards to finishing off. I was quite skeptical of this product at first, but it has certainly won me over, and what a nice surprise it was too. My boyfriend really wasn't the biggest fan of this due to all of the glitter and he also made a remark saying he didn't want to be 'Edward Cullen', so he refused to have a bath with me. So I'd say from this, this bath melt is definitely one of the girls and ladies, not the men so much. I shall probably buy this one again in the future.


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