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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Mini Adventure Time.

Yes, I ventured out of the house for once and went on a little adventure. It wasn't all to exciting in the eyes of most people, but to me, it was pretty good as I'm a social hermit crab and I really don't like going out of the house. I literally only leave to go to work, or to go and find food somewhere when there isn't any in the house. That is my adventurous life. I am planning on getting out and about more. At some point. For a start, here's the outfit I wore today, minus the coat which isn't currently with me and I've misplaced it or left it in the car.

Simple black, red and grey checked shirt that has some studs on the collar which are out of the shot, grey baggy raglan top, black skinnies and my Converses. Excuse the messy room, I'm terrible.

The first place my mum and I ventured to was Homebase. She's decided she wants to decorate the bathroom, so she wanted to go and get some bits and pieces from there. I have no objections to this, as I like the plan she has for redoing it. Had a bit of a who-ha about finding what she wanted, spoke to a few people and finally found it. To my amazement, they had a small Costa coffee booth just located in the middle of the shop which was completely random, So I grabbed a small red berry ice cooler... They're so good. Probably not the best beverage to have during winter and on a day when it's meant to snow, but hey-ho.

After this, we went back towards home and nipped into Carphone Warehouse, as my phone upgrade is due. I currently have a Sony Xperia T, which is years old but it's a brilliant phone. I've had no problems with it and I just love the camera on it, it's such a good mega-pixel that I don't have to carry a camera around with me a lot. So, I went in to see what phones they had and what deals they could do. I've decided to go for the new Sony Xperia Z3 Compact, instead of the larger one. I did originally have my heart set on the normal Z3 (it's so beautiful), but I didn't choose it for two reasons. Number one is because the Compact is the same size as my phone now, so I know it will fit in my pocket and I don't have to adjust to a massive new screen. Number two was the price. I've gone for a phone and gift deal, meaning you pay a little extra for the gift on top of your phone contract, which essentially means you're paying for both but you don't pay full whack price for the gift or the phone, which works out a lot better than buying them outright. I've chosen to get the Compact and the Xbox One gift deal, and getting this deal with the Compact was a lot cheaper than doing it with the large Z3. I can't even imagine what it would have cost, I wouldn't have done the deal at all, that's all I'll say. So I'm picking up my new phone next Saturday, woooo. I'm pretty excited.

After this, we wandered around for a little while, done some food shopping, brought a few bits and bobs, went in Select and brought a few items (check the last post) and then went in Wilkos. In here we just brought a few pieces like drinks and painkillers and whatnot, little bits. But mum brought me this new bath soak from Radox, what can I say? I'm addicted to shower and bath things, it's my ultimate weakness in life.

It's apparently a muscle soak bath soak, which is meant to help relieve tired and sore muscles, which will come in handy for me after work and for my boyfriend after he's been fixing cars all day. It smells like a typical Radox smell, not entirely helpful I know, but it's just a signature scent. It's quite... A strong and clean musky, soapy scent? It's so hard to describe, it's just... I don't know, grab one and sniff it if you see it sometime. After that, we went home and here I sit, typing up the last two posts. Tadaa, That was my mini adventure. Told you it wasn't a lot for most people, haha.

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