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Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Monochrome & Vampires.

Just a quick post to show the recent outfits I've worn that I've really been loving lately. I'm going through a bit of a monochrome phase, and I've really been liking wearing dark lipstick with winged eyeliner. I'm usually not one for wearing lipstick, but this is definitely one of my favourite looks right now, particularly because it's winter. So, here it is.

A bit of a close up of the outfit I was wearing. Simple black low-rise skinny jeans from Primark, a black vest top and an oversized checked top from Boohoo.

What the outfit (and odd socks and an awkward free hand) looks like. I wore this outfit with my black and purple Converses that were shown in previous posts.
Close up of the jewellery.

Obviously these aren't the jeans I was wearing in the above photos, but they could have been worn with the top all the same. These are a grey pair of skinny jeans with black pleather and zip detail, worn with my creeper shoes, also from Boohoo. These creepers could be worn well with the above outfit.

Have a picture of my face. I done just simple foundation, with a dark purple lipstick and a simple bit of winged eyeliner. This makeup was also worn with the checked top, I just put my makeup on after I'd taken the photos.
So, there we go. That's my first actual blog post dedicated to outfits and the makeup looks I've worn to accompany them. Hopefully there will be more to come in the near future!


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