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Saturday, January 03, 2015

My Socially Awkward 2014 (long post).

Disclaimer: in this post, I only mention the name's of people that I know well and who don't mind being mentioned, if they do, I shall remove their names and reconstruct my wording. I go into into some things which are a bit personal to me, so if you don't like that then don't read, these are just my life experiences and I wished  to talk about them. Not every month will have a photo.

Also, it's probably going to be quite a lengthy post with quite a few photos. If you don't like this sort of thing, then don't read it.

This time round, I was a little bit stuck on what to write about. I'm not one for lying to myself and making New Years Resolutions, because I know full well I won't keep to them so this post isn't going to be about that. So instead, I sat here looking through my photos - as I take photos of literally everything I do - and thought 'sod it, I'll write about what I done in 2014'. As I'm socially awkward and literally only leave the house to go to work or venture out to find food, I didn't really do much. But, I did do a few things. So if you enjoy this sort of reflective post kinda shindig, then sit back and enjoy!

This time last year, I was working in a BP Garage (which is a petrol station, if anyone didn't know) and the job itself was okay, but it just wasn't for me. I didn't enjoy the repetition and I was at a really low point with depression at this time, and the job didn't help and was just getting me down even more. So, in this month I was waiting for my finishing date as I resigned in December. Looking back, the job helped my confidence a little and showed me I can talk to people if I really wanted to without any problem, so it wasn't all bad. I also smashed the indicator cover off my wing mirror on my car, judging by the fact I've found a picture of my boyfriend trying to glue the pieces together. Some idiot hit my car when it was parked, didn't stop or come and tell me, and then drove over it. Smooth.

The pictures show me that all I done in this month was work, had cuddles with my dog Todd, and harassed my boyfriend with my camera. Sounds like a pretty standard month, really.

In this month, I also harassed my boyfriend and my dog further with my camera, went through a stage of eating cupcake-brownie things and worked a lot. Although, it was my soul sister, Ashlea's, birthday at the end of the month. So, being the good friend that I am, I brought us tickets in 2013 to go and see Russell Howard live about a week before her 19th birthday. It was my second time seeing him live and it was amazing. I would have gone back again at a different time to see the same Wonderbox tour, if I'd had the money to spare for more tickets. It was also my brother's birthday and he turned 12, and my mum and I made him an uber chocolatey cake. Woo for cake month!

This particular month was just pretty much a repeat of February; not much happened. But there are some videos/photos of taking Todd for a walk, so I guess a little bit more happened this month, but not much more. Livin' on the edge in April. Awesome April.

In May, the photos tell me that I let some of the reptiles at work sunbathe on the windowsill (obviously under strict supervision from myself, they didn't escape don't panic), went for a meal or two with my boyfriend and also took a trip with him to a forest to have a swim in a river and to just have a walk about through the trees. Sounds a little bit weird, but it was a nice day and it was good to get away. Towards the end of this month, I did have some relationship problems. Without going into too much detail because it's all in the past now, there were other people getting involved who shouldn't have and making things look weird, and generally just playing on my insecurities. It wasn't nice and it still isn't nice to think back on, but it's all in the past and I forgive the people that the drama was with. Everything's sorted and we've all moved on. Makes it sound short and not very long lived, but it did have quite a negative impact for a while.

In the beginning of the month, I went to a little get-together at a friend's house for her birthday and it was Hawaiian themed, which was pretty cool. It was a short night - and a sober one, designated driver, hey - as I had personal issues going on. After this night, my boyfriend and I had a break for a couple of weeks but managed to sort things out and we're currently still going strong. :) It wasn't a particularly pleasant month as it was quite emotional, but I did a few things to distract myself, as this month has the most varied pictures. I went out and tried some cocktails with my friend Isla, went to the beach with Annie (the one who had the gathering), and had quite a messy night in with Ashlea (videos shall not be shown, as she will kill me.). So yeah, below are a few pictures of these mini-adventures that I had to preoccupy myself during the down times I had. I also changed my hair quite a bit in this month, as I have a habit of dying my hair when I'm down, so I'll show you that too.

July was a much better month. Work picked up again, I spent more time with my boyfriend, I became friends with a hedgehog called Sonic and just generally felt better this month now everything had blown over and been sorted. There's just hiccups in life that you need but don't want, in order for things to pick back up again.

This month was pretty good too, even though there aren't many photos for it. My boyfriend moved back in with me during this month, which was great. I went on a day out to a zoo with him and my brother, went for a really long dog walk through a country park with Anjela and the dog she was looking after, got my hair redone and I also adopted Tramp, who's a grumpy cockatiel, who still doesn't love me. Oh well, he'll have to get used to me, I feed him after all so he has no choice. He was found abandoned by my mum's friend and he needed someone to give him care and attention, so I took him in. The only downer in this month was that I suffered with an incredibly painful back and chest that stopped me doing absolutely anything. At first I was told it was a chest infection, but after weeks of no improvement on antibiotics, turns out it wasn't an infection at all. It stopped me sleeping for almost two weeks, I literally felt like death. There's no other description.

I was still suffering with the pain I had throughout this month. One of the first photos on my camera reel is actually of the wristband that I wore when I was referred to hospital. I had scans, xrays, bloods and god knows what else done, but they still couldn't figure out what it was. Still to this day, nobody knows what it is/was, but luckily it started to ebb off before my 20th birthday, which was the 17th. The rest of my family came back off holiday a day or two before my birthday, so it was good to have them back. We also brought Rusty, who was another cockatiel, who we got to keep Tramp company as it wasn't fair to keep him on his own. He was so small and fluffy, he was only a baby.

In this month, my back was back to normal, I dyed my hair again as I got bored of waiting to go get it done at the hairdressers, went for a big family meal as my auntie and uncle came back from Australia to visit, took my mum to see the brilliant comedian Jim Davidson live as a late birthday present, found my first ever Lion King t-shirt (you have no idea how excited I was or how long I've been looking) and of course, it was Halloween. We've adapted this tradition where for the last 3-4 years myself and my mum and brother (and any friends) go to one of the local mazes and they do everything up for Halloween and do some scary houses and it's just a great day out where we can have a laugh. I don't have any photos of it unfortunately, I'll have to try and record something in 2015 if I'm still blogging. One last thing, I brought myself another car - a BMW. Check me out, a female, 20 years old, and I've brought myself a beamer. Not too shabby.

Not a lot really happened in this month, besides going to see a firework show with my boyfriend and my brother, and going out for a meal for my boyfriend's 23rd birthday. Besides those events, I just worked and they were pretty standard days and I don't have many photos for this month. It was another cake month, as I made Danny (the bf) a cake for his birthday. :) 

Obviously it was Christmas month, so most of the photos I have are Christmas related, as are the things I done. I've done a few blog posts which you can go back and read in December, which explain and show some of the things I done. I had a great day out with Ashlea, my mum, brother and Nan when we went Christmas shopping. We had a good catch up which was well needed, and just had a laugh and spent some time together. We also had an amazing roast dinner at BHS, which is what we also do every year when we go Christmas shopping. I won't add too many pictures from December, as most of them have been uploaded in previous posts, which as I just said, you can go and check out to see what I brought and experienced through this month. I also stepped up from a casual worker at work, to being a temporary Teaching Support Officer until February, which has been fun so far and I look forward to seeing how it goes. This month was a pretty good month, which rounded up the year nicely. Christmas day was a chilled out and quiet one, playing Pokemon for the majority of the day and drinking, only stopping to watch the special episodes of Doctor Who and Eastenders. New Years Eve was spent watching Pretty Little Liars, playing Pokemon and drinking cider, then spending time with Danny, which was a great end to the year.

So that rounds everything up. It wasn't the most eventful year, I probably could have done more and added some more things, but it's already long enough as it is, and everyone needs to keep some things to themselves. I'd also like to add that this year in particular, I've worked at my current workplace for well over a year now, and I've made some amazing friends whilst I've been there and I'm very thankful for these people. They're all so lovely and it's just a pleasure to work with them. It's not very often that someone finds a job they enjoy and be able to work with people that they get along with, so thank you to you guys if you're reading! It was just a brief summary of my 2014 and it was nice to reflect back and write about it and share some photos. So here's to 2015, I hope it's going to be another great year and I plan on having more adventures and hopefully this time next year, I'll be writing another post showing what I done again, with more to show.


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