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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

My Thoughts On... Today's Generation.

As the title suggests, this post is going to be about my thoughts on today's generation. By that, I mean the majority of children below the age of 16. These thoughts don't apply to every one of this age, as some of them are lovely and they don't do anything that winds me up. But this might get a little bit opinionated (obviously as they're my thoughts) and it might get some people's backs up... If that's the case, then it's clear there's some truth in what I've written, it applies to you (or your children) or you simply can't take other people's opinion with a pinch of salt. So yes, let's begin.

There is a lot I could write about, but I'll try and split it up and break it down so that I can make some posts about the other points I have in the future.

There's a lot I could say on this subject. Again, it doesn't apply to everyone below this age group, and doesn't just apply to this age group because I think everyone has a bad attitude at times. Speaking from experience and having a bad past, fair enough, it has it's effects on everyone and it's not always the same. But, what I don't like is people using their past as an excuse to act in a negative way and just have a bad attitude towards everything. Using bad experiences as a way to get away with the bad things they're doing because of these experiences (so they claim). If everyone just took control of themselves, and put the past behind them and learnt from it, and just thought 'okay, that was then, this is now', I think the world would start being a better place. Use any bad experiences to better yourself, not use it as a gateway excuse to act badly in the present and in the future. Acting up in school, refusing to do things, talking badly to other people, bullying... The list goes on. Don't let the future keep influencing how you live now. I know it's easier said than done and it is sometimes a struggle, but don't let the past define who you are now. Don't become your past. Don't be nasty to other people or put them down because of what you've been through, help and encourage the people close to you to be good people, and in turn that will help you to become a better person too. Everyone needs to help each other and stop attacking the world because of what's happened.

This one will probably be a bit more touchy than the above subject as a lot of younger kids nowadays have a lot of technology. I know it's nice for them to have it and in today's world where it's so easy to access and get hold of in some way, it's hard not to give in. But in the last couple of years, especially at Christmas's, kids are all asking for technology as gifts as soon as they're old enough to understand that it's something everyone has. What's the deal with people as young as 11 having iPhones? Really? Do they really need one of the most popular phones going? How can you really justify getting someone that young something like that? And if they don't get it, they throw a tantrum because everyone they know has one. Giving younger people all this technology is having a domino effect on everyone. And in a lot of instances, it's partly responsible for kids having such a crappy attitude. Don't even get me started about how much danger it's putting them in. Fair enough, some parents fit laptops and phones and tablets with parental control devices and put things in place to protect their children online as best as they can without physically watching over their shoulder. But what about the children who's parents don't do this? The children nowadays are certainly capable of being able to download an App such as Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and who knows what else and expose themselves in whatever way. Particularly Snapchat, where after a couple of seconds bam the photo/video is gone. But there's always the chance to screenshot it and keep it forever. It baffles me how adults these days moan and complain about there not being enough safety precautions put into place to protect their children from predators or from other children who could bully them for some of the stuff they share online, but can't open their eyes and see that giving in, and giving them the technology, is already the first step for putting the children in this position? I don't know, maybe it's just me. Sure, giving your children nice gadgets and technology is what might make them happy, but I think it's being given to them too young and without enough care taken. I don't think young children need these fancy phones, tablets and laptops and be shut inside with them all the time. I had to go out and play and have a social life when I was a lot younger, and I learnt more from doing that than I ever have from having any technological devices.

Does anyone share similar views to mine or have anything to add? I'd love to know in the comments below.


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