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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Skin Saviours.

As it's winter and it's a time where the weather is often harsh on our skin - whether it's our face, hands or body - I thought I'd post up a few of the things that have currently been saving me lately. I suffer with quite dry skin due to working out in the cold and getting my hands wet a lot, so I've thrown in a product that's really been helping me lately. 

I've made the images quite large and I'm hoping the quality is good enough for you to be able to read what the products are. I'll start from the second image, say what it is, and elaborate below.

Seacret Body Butter.
Clue is in the header really - it's body butter. It contains minerals from the Dead Sea, which help to hydrate the skin and keep it looking healthy and to give it a healthy looking glow once it's soaked into your skin. It contains shea butter and cocoa butter, as well as herbal extracts and natural oils, which helps to make it a little bit healthier for the skin and offers a hell of a lot of moisturising properties. I stumbled across this quite a while ago and it's just so good. The pomegranate one is definitely my favourite out of the two, because the scent is just luscious. The smell lingers on your skin for quite a while too, which is great if you like products that leave a scent. The butter's quite thick, so you do have to try your best to try and massage it into the skin, otherwise it just sits there for ages. Luckily, you do get your money's worth and it lasts forever in the 250ml pots. On the Seacret website here, it sells for £39.95 per pot, which is fairly pricey. I didn't buy it for that price, as you can find it for cheaper prices on eBay and Amazon, it just depends on shipping costs and availability.

Fruits Lip Balm.
This lip balm smells like heaven in a little tin. It's just amazing. I'm pretty sure it only cost 99p and it's a Wilkos own brand lip balm. I didn't think it was going to be any good for my lips, as I automatically thought the price would reflect on the quality... But I was pleasantly wrong. The product isn't thick at all and you do have to apply quite a bit, but there's so much more in the tin that I first thought, so it's going to last a while. And even though it's not a thick formula, it's moisturised my lips so much, every time I use it. And the smell... It smells just like the taste of rhubarb and custard hard sweets (use your imagination). It's just gorgeous. Recommend it to the end, if not for the benefits of the product, but just for the smell alone to start with.

Dove Hand Cream.
This stuff has been a saviour. It's not even mine, my mum got it as a Christmas present. I've just been using it cheekily whilst I've been near it. Oops. I'm not sure if you can buy this product on it's own or in a bigger size - pretty sure you can somewhere though - as it was part of one of those gift sets, but it's lovely. It's shea butter and vanilla, so it smells like vanilla but not too strongly, which is awesome because I'm not a massive fan of vanilla at all. The formula isn't too thick and it just feels so nice to rub into your hands and they instantly feel nourished and moisturised. Mm, I love it. I'm not sure on what the prices are for this, as like I mentioned, it was in a gift set. Definitely recommend it though if you get dry hands because it instantly sorts them out without having to use a lot.

Visibly Clear Daily Scrub & Garnier Day Cream.
I use these products every day. The Neutrogena pink grapefruit daily scrub smells divine and it just makes my face feel so clean. It's a cleanser/exfoliator as it has tiny little beads in it to help wash away your makeup and any dirt on your face. I usually use this after I've used a makeup wipe to take my makeup off, then I completely drench my face in warm water to open my pores, then use this scrub with a little blue face scrubber I have and just scrub everything away. It feels so invigorating. I intend to get more of this pink grapefruit range, as I'm going through a bit of a grapefruit obsession lately. It smells so good, and it feels good too. It's cleared my face up loads and I can see it always being a face scrub that I go back to. From Boots, it is £4.95 and it lasts for ages, so definitely worth the money.

The Garnier day cream is part of one of their recent launches (I think) where they do more than one choice, so you choice which day cream suits your skin type. They do a few like the simple hydrating day cream, or ones for dry-to-very dry skin, ones for combination skin... You get my drift. Before this one, I used the one in the pink pot which was for dry-to-very dry skin, as my skin was very dry and getting flaky before I purchased it. Since then, my skins been a lot more hydrated as I've been taking more care of it and I've changed my makeup routine to suit my skin type, so I chose the hydrating day cream, which I think is for normal to dry skin (I might be mistaken, sorry if I am). I use this after I've washed my face, and sometimes again in the morning on places like my nose or any extra dry patches on my face. It's quite thin, but this means it feels light on the skin and sinks in quite quickly after you've applied it and rubbed it in. There's 50ml of it in the pot, so there's not a lot, but because it's quite thin, it lasts a fair while. It's not going to last me anywhere near as long as the rest of the products in the post, due to how often I use it and because there's less of the product, but I'm happy with it so far. It hasn't given me a break out of spots like some other moisturisers have in the past. So far, I say if you've got normal/dry skin and you're on a bit of a budget, give this a try. From Boots, it is £4.70. The link is to the pink one I mentioned if you were curious, but the one in the picture will be exactly the same price from there as it's from the exact same range.

Have you tried any of the mentioned products? What did you think?

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