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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Valentine's/Mother's Day Lush Mini Haul

Got excited at the box that came with the 'Fresh From The Kitchen' sticker. Thanks, Michelle, for making it! Not sure whether you're a human or a snowman though...
Bubblegrub Bubbleroon £2.95. From the Mother's Day collection.
Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar, From the Valentine's Day range, £3.25.
Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb, £3.35.
Fizzbanger Bath Bomb, £3.35.

This was kind of creepy to see, but I'm guessing that's the guy who made my exclusive product. Thanks!
This is the 'Love Birds' soap that was my exclusive product from the Lush Kitchen. Nabbed it just in time!
Tadaa! As you can see, yet another Lush haul! This is what happens when I have money left over and I sit at home on my days off. I really need more self-restraint. I couldn't resist buying another Unicorn Horn, as they were exclusive for the Valentine's Day range and they are no longer being sold, so I just had to have one last one. Until next year, unicorns! I also ordered a Dragon's Egg bath bomb, as they are my all-time favourite bath bombs. I just adore the sherbet-citrus smell and the colours it makes in the bath... Just the whole thing is a dream and you can't go wrong with a Dragon's Egg! The title of it alone won me over before I even smelt it for the first time. I also brought a Fizzbanger, which I think turns the water yellow then blue as it fizzes away, judging from the demos of it that I've seen on various Instagram pages. I'm expecting good things from this and it smells pretty. It's also quite a citrus smell and it contains petitgrain, which is apparently used in aromatherapy to help reduce anxiety levels, so that should be quite interesting. Will be useful if it does actually make me less stressed!

Now, I'm quite happy with the overall package. I was going to buy more Mother's Day things as they look so pretty, so I might in a week or so. We'll see. However, and it's a big however, there is one product that I would like to have a little ramble about; the Bubblegrub. Yes, it looks cute, yes, it's pretty colours, yes, it's cheaper than a lot of other products... So I'll give it brownie points for all those factors. But, it smells like crap. And trust me, that wasn't the word I used when I smelt it. Nor did my boyfriend or mum, and my dog actually barked at it. It's foul. It's apparently got an earthy smell to it, and it's meant to smell of 'earthy vetivert' (whatever the heck that is) and sandalwood. Now, I can't identify which one I don't like the smell of, but I will not be buying it again. I can't deal with the smell. It's too much. If earthy scents are your kind of thing, then you might enjoy this. But personally, I'd rather go sniff the soil outside, and I've got four dogs...

As you can see, I was lucky enough to manage to get an exclusive product from the Lush Kitchen. I've heard this is quite hard to do, due to die-hard Lushies out there! But nonetheless, I got one. I chose to get the Love Birds soap, as it looks pretty and I wanted to add another soap to my collection. It's meant to smell sherbety, presumably like the Dragon's Egg or something similar, but I can't really smell the scent correctly right now. It's nothing to do with me coming down with a cold and my senses being a bit scattered, but it's because the scent of the Bubblegrub has seeped through and kind of tainted the smell. I'm hoping that once I use it and it comes into contact with water, it'll get rid of the Bubblegrub smell, and smell how it's meant to! 

Have you tried any of the above products? What were your thoughts?

Nicole x

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