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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Sunday Summary Week 1.

I said on Sunday that I would post this, but then I got way too distracted and started procrastinating, and then all of a sudden it was Tuesday and I hadn't posted. My bad, I'm awful. But here are the photos from this week.

1.) Had a day where I liked my face and hair.
2.)  Got Yoda the yemen chameleon out at work.
3.) Ordered some phone cases for my new phone.
4.) Used some of the Lonely Hearts bubble bar from Lush.
5.) Got bored of my hair and just slapped purple hair dye all over it.
6.) Selfie with Pumpkin the pirate cat at work.
7.) Got a gift set from The Body Shop for cheap.

It wasn't a particularly thrilling week in all honesty, and now I'm back to normal work wise, so I'll have more time to post as I've got more days off. I have got a post coming up about the phone cases and my phone itself, where I'll explain where you can get some bloody brilliant cases from. I also have a post coming up about the items from The Body Shop, which will explain the products and how I came to buy it cheap.

As you can see, I dyed my hair during the week. I got bored of the blonde bits and my faded out colour and I'm awful when it comes to hair colour because I just get bored so quickly. It's lasting pretty well due to dry shampoo and washing with cool water, so it should be here for a while. I also went over Anjela's and we had a thrilling time drinking tea, eating chocolate and watching Eastenders related things. It was pretty awesome if I do say so myself, even if driving to hers was pretty scary as I'd never been to the village before, haha. 

Nicole x

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