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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sunday Summary Week 2.

1 - Saw some pretty dalmatian print fish.
2 -  Saw 'horny goat weed' being sold in Holland and Barrett. What even is that?
3 - Probably spent more money than I needed on yet again, more bath/shower stuff.
4 - 50 Shades of me, haha.
5 - Another selfie of me at work in the snake room.
6 - Joined the hype and started watching AHS: Murder House.

Yes, I'm actually writing this Sunday Summary on a Sunday! This week hasn't been overly exciting, as I've had most of the week off free from work, and as I've been working a lot lately, I felt really out of sync with life and just aimlessly floated around the house. I was at work on Monday, Friday and today, and the rest of the days I just chilled basically. On my days off, I just watched American Horror Story when my boyfriend was out and it's just... Blowing my mind. I think I'm finally getting to grips with it, it's quite good. It's weird, but it's my sort of thing. Definitely glad I began watching it.

Of course, this week it's been Friday the 13th and it's been Valentine's Day. My 13th was quite good actually, even though I did wake up with a heightened sense of foreboding (if that's the word I'm looking for). I got to work early, and had a fairly relaxed day with no dramas; always an added bonus. I also ordered pizza and it came earlier than expected and it was cheaper than usual! Can't complain.

Valentine's Day was alright, Danny and I don't really celebrate it as we both feel you should show appreciation for your partner all the time, regardless of the day. So I went into town and met up with Isla - who I haven't seen in waaay too long - and done some shopping. I brought some oil and things for my car, some toiletries, spent my New Look voucher on some black skinnies and socks (can't go wrong with those) and I brought some hair products, and a Nip&Fab eye cream/concealer (post coming soon). We then went to an aquatics place afterwards and saw some pretty fish and a couple of lizards, including a panther chameleon that I fell in love with and just wanted to bring home! :( I had work today, which is always a laugh with Anjela and Sarah on a Sunday, so that was okay. That's all really for this week, I don't lead an exciting life currently. I am trying to get out more, but... I'm just too much of an introvert and social recluse. Maybe some day.

Did you have a good week? Did you have a good Friday 13th/Valentine's Day?

Nicole x

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