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Friday, March 20, 2015

Birchbox; March.

As I posted in my last Sunday Summary, I recently signed up to receive a Birchbox every month. Wondering what it is? Well, allow me to enlighten you. Birchbox is a company where you can sign up to receive beauty samples every month, in a small box. You can get a range of things, from makeup, to bath and shower products, to notepads and things like that. Interested? Keep on reading...

 It costs £12.95 a month for the box and postage and packaging. You get a range of different beauty samples in the box, which are tailored to your preferences and settings that you put on your profile, so essentially the box is made to your desires. Birchbox works with many big beauty names, including Stila, Lipsy, O.P.I, Benefit, Liz Earle and Laura Mercier. The box comes with a little card which tells you the 'WHAT' and the 'HOW' of your products, which is quite handy if you get something completely mindboggling and you don't know how to apply it. This box was in partnership with Habitat (which is apparently a 'homeware store of dreams' according to Birchbox), to create a 'do try this at home' kit,

 As this was my first box, Birchbox were offering their members the choice to choose which sample of Benefit mascara they wanted to try. The choices were the They're Real!, Bal Gal, and Roller Lashes. Here's what I got in my first box.

Benefit They're Real mascara sample.

As you can guess, this is the mascara I chose to try out. I've heard some really good reviews about this mascara, but as I'm quite fussy, I thought a sample of it first would be perfect as I don't want to pay full whack for the actual size mascara and then not like it. It's not as big as I would have liked it as I'm really quite cheap and don't like to pay a lot for a product unless I'm completely convinced it'll work. But for a sample, I can't complain. I haven't yet tried it, but I hope to keep you updated when I do, so I will come back and edit this once I have. This is sold on the Birchbox website from £17.50.

Catherine Malandrino Eau De Parfum.

I have never heard of this, so this is quite a surprise and part of the reason why I signed up to Birchbox; to discover new products. I don't have an extensive perfume collection, so it's nice to sample new things to see what's out there, just in case one of them does catch me by the nose (ha) and I want to buy a larger version of the perfume. This one is sold on the Birchbox website from £50, depending on the size of the bottle you want. It has a fragrance of 'citrus top notes and a fruit twist', according to the card that tells me the 'what' of the product. I'm currently giving it a sniff, and... I quite like it. I just explained it to my mum in these words "it's like... An older woman smell. Not the smell of old women, obviously. But it's the perfume that you'd expect to smell on older, more mature women who are proud and confident. It's got quite an elegant and sophisticated smell to it". There you have it. It's not too overpowering, and you only need a tiny spritz of it to be able to smell it.

Birchbox & Habitat Exclusive Notebook.

This is apparently an exclusive product, which I didn't know about until I just looked at the card that came with the box. It's basically what meets the eye - a little read notebook, with plain white pages with rounded edges inside. You can use it however you want... Jot down your little ideas throughout the day, any reminders, build a wish-list (or shopping list if you fancy), whatever your little heart desires.

Lord & Berry Bronzer in Sienna.

This is the first bronzer I actually own, haha. I only recently discovered that I have a desire to develop my makeup skills and venture into the world of different cosmetics. Since before Christmas, I would only pick up foundation, loose powder to set my foundation, the odd concealer, eyeliner and mascara. I didn't touch primers, eyeshadows, blushes or bronzers. No lipgloss, no lipstick... No eyebrow stuff. Nada. So I'm quite excited to start experimenting. I am almost certain that I'll come out looking like a clown for a little while though whilst my techniques develop (worst nightmare, literally) but I'm sure I'll survive. Although, looking at this does scare me, as it's just like a neutral light brown colour, in a matte shade without any shimmer. Comparing it to my skin I'm like this is meant to give me a healthy glow?! As the colour makes it look more like it'll give me a little warrior stripe. But as I've seen with various beauty bloggers, it's all about the blending and gradual build up. So yeah, I'm fairly excited about this. This is sold on the site at normal product sizes at £19.

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer.

This little sample is meant to restore the suppleness to your hair, and to also add some bounce to damaged hair. The card says to use it before you apply the shampoo to your hair, leave it on for between 10 and 20 minutes, then rinse out and continue with your normal hair routine. I already have quite a time-consuming hair regime (I don't think I do, but my boyfriend definitely thinks otherwise) so it'll be quite interesting to see how this works in conjunction to what I do now. God knows I could definitely use all the help I can get to help improve the condition of my hair. It's not as damaged as it could be, but it's certainly not in tip-top condition. So I'm hoping this will do what it says on the bottle and add some more strength and oomph to my hair. This is sold in a larger product size on the Birchbox website at £27.50.

Serenity Skincare Dead Sea Bath Salt.

This is quite nice to receive, as you may have noticed that I love all things bath, shower and generally hygiene related. I'm a sucker for it completely, and I'm a massive goop hoarder. Anything that goes in the bath or shower I will find an excuse to keep it, or I'll give a four page essay to justify why I'm buying it to add to the already-mounting collection. So the fact that I've got these as a sample has really pleased me, whereas my mum and boyfriend are rolling their eyes and shaking their head haha. It says that they will help to restore the body's moisture levels by putting some in a warm bath and relaxing in it, or that you can rub some of the salt directly on to your skin to help with exfoliation. So they have a double purpose, which is always good. The salts in the packet are 100% natural, which is also good as there's no added nasties in there to give you an unpleasant surprise reaction. Yay!

What do you think of this box? Do you like the idea of Birchbox?

Nicole x

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