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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Helpful Hangover Aids.

Today I got distracted by the website Not On The Highstreet. I've heard good things about it and have been meaning to check it out, but only just got round to if, after years of knowing about it. Then I stumbled across these little items that I thought looked just fantastic and thought I'd share them with you. A lot of us have been there, done that, got the embarrassing memories, and will most likely go and do it again... The infamous one-way-too-many drinks kind of drunk as skunks nights, with the next day (and sometimes even the day after that) nursing a killer hangover. You know the ones I'm on about, holding your head, not daring to roll over in fear of throwing up, vowing you'll never drink again hangovers. This is why I've took the time to share some items I've found with you which might help your sorry drunken backside when you wake up the next day. You're welcome ;)
Images are taken from the website and the brand 'Apply Me'. Credit goes to them.

Hangover Relief Bath Oil.

 I love how these products are all inspired by Alice in Wonderland with their labels, I always fall for anything with that style! This lovely little bottle is filled with an oil which you just add to your bath in order to help you feel more refreshed, and quite frankly, more human and sane. It is £10.50, which might seem a little expensive, but if it works, it's money well spent right? It is filled with ingredients which are known for their therapeutic properties to bring you back to like. It contains castor oil and sweet fennel, which is known for revitalizing and detoxifying, as well as cedarwood which acts as a tonic. Also included is lavender, which helps to banish the headaches, as well as calm and balance your senses. Last but not least is carrot seed, which helps to cleanse your blood and liver, and to also help you feel rejuvenated. What more could you want from a bath when you've got a hangover? Pop this in with a bath bomb or on it's own to feel more like yourself.

Hangover Rescue Balm.

This balm is £7.95, which again, can seem a little pricey for a small pot of balm, but I guess you get the benefits that you pay for. As well as the fact that everything is handmade, so you can't complain too much. Again, this product contains natural ingredients, but I'm not going to sit here and type them all out as there's more than the previous product. Click on the heading to go directly to the site to see the list. All of the ingredients help to combat fatigue and nausea, perfect for hangovers as well as those days where you might just be feeling a little big groggy and need an extra boost. For best results with this, rub a small amount on to your temples and wrists 1-3 times a day and just inhale the smell. They're small, so they're easy to throw in your bag on days where you're on the go and may need a pick me up later on.

Hangover Rescue Candle (60g).

Everybody loves a good candle, and these cute little ones certainly are nice to look at, let alone helping to cure a hangover. These are £9.99, which I don't think is too bad considering it looks good, the ingredients are GM free, it comes in a glass jar and it has an aroma which will help clear that alcohol-induced fuzzy feeling. The scent of it is rosemary, juniper and lavender, which again helps to detoxify you. It will burn for over 17 hours, and also has a little raised heart decoration on the top of the candle itself, which adds a nice little touch. These candles would also make a great house decoration, or a little treat or gift for someone on a special occasion. 

Hangover Rescue Oil.

This oil is £6.95, so the cheapest out of the 'hangover cure' range so far. This oil is pretty much the same as the balm featured above, but just in an oil form. I guess this is so you can choose which you prefer to use, or what you want to pay. They both do the same thing, both are applied in the same manner, and they contain the same ingredients. The choice is yours. I love the little 'revive me' label that it has. That's all I can really say about this oil without repeating myself... So just ask yourself; balm or oil?

Hangover Rescue Tea.

It had to come in somewhere, a good ol' tea. The British way to trying to sort everything. Mind you, I always have a cuppa to help me re-balance myself so there is some truth in our ways! This tea is £4.95 so it won't break the bank. It contains 12 teabags which are biodegradable. It claims to be a fruit tea, but I'd probably be safe saying it tastes similar to a fruity herbal tea more than anything. It contains white pear, ginger, silver needle (a herb?), complete with a little ginger thrown in there. Of course, you don't actually need a hangover to drink this, you can have it just to feel more refreshed and detoxed, so the choice is yours. They do have more flavours, so click on the heading to go to the website and check out the rest of their range.

I hope these products have given you a little insight into what you could use to help bring yourself back to a more normal feeling you the morning after the night before. I personally think these items are so cool looking, and the best thing about them all is that you don't require a hangover to use them, and they all make awesome unconventional gifts or presents.

Do you like posts like this? Would you consider trying any of the above products? Let me know in the comments below. (:

Nicole x

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