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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Mascara; Tips To Making It Go Further.

Unfortunately, this isn't my pretty eye. Credits to Pinterest and whoever's eye this is, it's lovely.
It's something that a lot of girls think they already have nailed and have been doing the same mascara-related things since they first discovered they could put all kinds of goo on their face. Yes, I'll admit that I'm part of this. Until I stumbled across multiple tips the other day and I realised just how much I could improve my mascara routine and my mascara itself. I thought it was very simple and I could just wiggle the mascara wand over my eyelashes and be done in second, then just keep using it until it ran out and I'd get a new one...Very wrong! Let me share some helpful hints I've found that could make a massive difference to your techniques, and could take your lashes to the next level!

Just before you read, a little disclaimer is that yes... Unfortunately I'm majorly guilty of doing almost none of these following tips, as I've only just discovered them and realised there's more science to mascara than I thought. So don't feel bad if you're also guilty of not doing any of the following, because you really aren't alone. I'll just put my hand in the air now and confess my mistakes, sorry...

Mascara Tips.

1 - Pretty obvious, but you need to apply the mascara properly. The first mistake people usually make is that the can use the mascara wand vertically, not just horizontally. This will help you to get every single lash without fail. The second mistake is that you can apply two coats of mascara - which a lot of people do anyway - but first wait for the first coat to dry entirely. This is one of the main reasons for clumpy little lashes. Wait, people, wait.

2 - Check the expiry date of your mascara! Just because it's in a tube where you put the lid on doesn't mean it won't go off (is currently throwing a mascara or two away). You're meant to change your mascara every 3-4 months. This is to prevent the formula going all nasty and out of date, but also so you're not getting a build up of bad bacteria in the product from your eyes. Yummy.

3 - You can apply baby powder and vaseline onto your lashes between coats of mascara, apparently. This helps to make your lashes appear longer and thicker, therefore better for fluttering, ooh.

4 - You don't just have to use the wand that came with the mascara - you can use a paint brush. No, I'm not saying go and paint your face, that would be silly. But you can use a fine paint brush to help apply the mascara to your bottom lashes if you have really small ones and the mascara just goes over your face if you use the original brush.

5 - Don't pump the bottle! You know what I'm on about, pumping the brush in the bottle to get more product on it? No, stop that. This puts more air in the tube with every pump, therefore drying your mascara up even quicker. Instead, put the brush in the tube and gently swirl it round to get the product on there.

6 - If you're using a mascara that hasn't been used in a while, or it's a really thick mascara that you would prefer just to be a little bit thinner... Place the bottle (closed, obviously) in to a cup of hot water. This will make the formula in the tube thinner and runnier temporarily.

 7 - This one I am completely guilty to and didn't even consider, even though it's not exactly mind-blowing. Of course, you're eye lashes are small hairs, right? You condition the hair on your head, so why not your lashes?

8 - You can use any kind of eye drops or saline solution to make your mascara last that little bit longer if you're running low on it. Just add a couple of drops into the bottle, give it a swirl with the brush and little bit of a shake, then hey presto, you've got a couple more uses until you have to nip and get another one.

For now, they're the tips that I have for you. Did you know any of them before reading this? I have a follow up post coming which I'll post very soon (I was going to post it here, but I don't want to write too much in one post, and I'm going for a meal with my boyfriend soon and still haven't got ready, oops) which is about a few tips and tricks on how to actually apply your mascara bto make it look even better than I'm sure it already looks. Would you be interested in that? Let me know in the comments and you'll potentially see more posts like this in the future!

Nicole x

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