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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Monochrome Bedroom Inspiration.

Lately I've been scrolling through Pinterest and lusting over monochrome bedrooms. I'm completely in love with them and they just look so clean and crisp. This isn't a long post, just a bit of a divider really, but I just thought I'd throw it in so it breaks things up and just to give you some eye candy to swoon over.

I can't be the only one that's lusting over bedrooms that are in monochrome black and white? I've spent hours looking them up and fantasizing how I could do my bedroom. So much credit to where these photos came from, I got them from Pinterest and I have no idea who originally put them on there, so thank you whoever you are! Aren't they just glorious? It's like bedroom porn, it's literally fifty shades of grey, get it, because of the colour scheme...? Ha, just me then. I just think this colour palette makes the room look very modern, simplistic, alluring, clean and sharp, with an edge of mystery and refinement. I just want to go out and buy some paint and just splash it all over my bedroom and the rest of the house (if I had my own place). I'd do the walls grey though I think, like a light shade of grey as I think this would be more suitable for them rather than white or black, as it won't make the room look closed up by being too dark, but it also won't be too bright in the room like it would if they were white.

An obvious factor I forgot to throw in is that this colour palette makes the rooms look so damn expensive! Clearly, I haven't got the money to recreate these rooms identically (I know my little heart, be still, we'll try our best) and I probably never will have, so I'm hoping a lick of paint and gloss will add a bit more glamour to the room and give it a luxurious feel, without breaking the bank account too much! One day this will happen. I'm already trying to convince the boyfriend to let me do this to the bedroom. Fingers crossed...

What are your thoughts on bedrooms (or any rooms) in this style?

Nicole x 

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