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Sunday, March 01, 2015

Sunday Summary; Week 3 & 4.

New blog design, malteasers, geckos, budgies and healthiness.

1 - New monochrome blog design!
2 - Was given some Malteasers for helping with work experience students at work.
3 - Casual photo of Zag the leopard gecko.
4 - Caught one of the geckos winking.
5 - Felt healthy with tea and fruit.
6 - I pull all the birds...I mean budgies.

I did apologise a couple of posts ago for not doing a Sunday Summary last week. This was because I've had quite a boring fortnight, so I thought I'd post them both together. I've basically just been covering for someone at work, so I've been working 5 days a week and besides working, I haven't done anything besides sit in the house, browse the internet, and waste my life away watching TV programs. Sigh. I did have a few other photos, but none of them were really relevant to anything so I'll go with these as they make my life look more interesting haha! I have been feeling quite stressed with family dramas this week, and I've generally just been feeling crappy and suffering bad health. It's nothing serious and probably just stress and illness combined, I'll be over it soon with any luck. So for now, I'm sat drinking a hot cup of cranberry green tea and listening to one of my birds hitting the high notes and chirping away like mad.

Hope you've all had a good week! Did you get up to much?

Nicole x

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