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Monday, March 30, 2015

Sunday Summary Week 7 & 8.

1 - Had a chameleon climb on my head (not that you can see very well).
2 - Went bowling with my mum and brother for his 13th birthday - I won hehe.
3 - Had a strawberry lemonade.
4 - The boyfriend had a gigantic burger - double burger, cheese, bacon, onion rings, salad and bbq beans in one.
1 - Took a selfie that I liked.
2 - Goodbye BMW (sob) and hello new car.
3 - Can't get over how cute this leopard gecko couple are cuddled up together.

I haven't been posting much, so I apologise about this to everyone. I've just really not had a busy fortnight and because of that, I haven't been very motivated. I'm sorry. I know I didn't post a weekly want either, but in all honesty... I brought what I wanted, so there will be a post soon about that (hint, it's stuff from The Body Shop) soon. I haven't been working much either really, only the odd day here and there, hence the lack of animal photos. All I've really been doing is just playing Pokemon, watching my favourite bloggers on YouTube and reading their blogs, and just drinking tea. Yeah, it's been absolutely thrilling. I did go see my best friend Isla during these two weeks, which was good as we don't see each other as much as we used to due to jobs and grown up stuff, but it was good to catch up nonetheless. I also went for a meal with Danny, where he had the most filled burger I have ever seen, and safe to say he demolished it.

Ooh, whilst I remember it, I have been loving the app Depop lately. I've brought quite a few things off there lately, including two items of clothing from Amy Valentine which was exciting and she was lovely throughout the whole process. I'll have to take some good photos and get them uploaded and show you my purchases I've received. I've also brought a few old and rare Drop Dead t-shirts from there, the most expensive being... £12? You can get clothes on there for a bargain, so I definitely recommend it! I warn you that it is very addictive once you start searching though!

Have you had a good two weeks?

Nicole x

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