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Friday, May 22, 2015

NARS Sheer Glow Foundation

 It's been featured on a lot of blogger's pages, as well as on YouTube by many different people, so I thought I'd try it out since it's been spoken about so much. There's only so long you can go without purchasing something people are continuously talking about. So I caved in and brought myself some of the NARS Sheer Glow Foundation. I've been using it for a couple of week now, so I can give you an actual review of how I feel about the product. Without further rambling, let me get straight to it!

Colour and consistency.

As I'm quite pale, I did a bit of research into this before buying so that I was certain I knew which shade of foundation that I wanted to buy. My personal preference is having a pale foundation, as I'm never tanned (the joys of being a ghost and burning to a crisp) so I like my face to be as close to the colour of my body as possible. Due to this, I went for the lightest shade which is Siberia. You can do research like I did and choose tones that are more yellow or more pink, depending on your skin tone, but Siberia is a neutral tone so this is ideal for me. I wasn't holding out much hope of this foundation actually being very pale, as no foundation I've ever brought in the lightest shade has ever actually been really pale... But with this I was pleasantly surprised to find out it is actually rather white. And the best bit? It actually looks natural when I put it on. Score.

As for the consistency of the product, I was looking for something rather like MAC's Studio Fix foundation, as I loved how thick that was and the coverage that it provided. On various websites, it was saying that the Sheer Glow Foundation was for medium-full coverage, which you could build up depending on how much coverage you desired. So that's what won me over. When it comes out of the bottle, it's not as thick as the MAC equivalent that I was looking for, but it's definitely not watery. It's probably as close in consistency to the Studio Fix as I'm going to find without spending a fortune. So for this reason, I'm not going to complain. And you are able to build up the coverage, which is another bonus.

Application and staying power.

When I first got this, I was applying it with my fingers as I didn't have a foundation brush. Due to this, I can give you two brief conclusions to how it went on my face using both my fingers, and then a brush. Firstly, applying it with my fingers I found that it went on rather thin and didn't really have a high coverage. It also took quite a bit of time to buff into my skin and it really emphasised the dry patches on my face. I'm not sure whether it was just the way I was applying it and that I was applying it to rough and pulling the product about too hard, but I didn't really want to use the foundation again if I was having to apply it using my fingers. The only times I use my fingers to apply the product is around my eyes so that I know it's covered all those nasty dark circles.

When I got my hands on a makeup brush however, I began to like the foundation and believed I could use this one every day instead of having to rush out and buy an emergency foundation to replace this one. It is definitely a lot quicker and easier to apply this foundation with a brush, and the coverage is so much better I find. It buffs into the skin a lot easier, and it also doesn't leave streaks where the brush has been (unless you apply too much product in one go). It's also a lot easier to build up the coverage using a brush (I've been using one of the Real Techniques brushes). However, I have found that this foundation in general does bring out your extremely dry patches if you use it on it's own. So because of this, I have been mixing a small amount of a different liquid foundation in with it which has helped the Sheer Glow to not cling to the dry patches.

The staying power of the foundation though, is the thing that is stopping me from falling completely in love with it. I've found that I can't go all day wearing this foundation without having to touch it up with some powder on top. It has the tendency to start making your face look very shiny - and not a 'sheer glow' as the name suggests - but rather shiny as in you could blind someone with your face if you stood in direct sunlight. I haven't figured out whether it's my skin type making the foundation react like this, but I don't have oily skin and I never have, so I'm presuming it's the way that the foundation goes after being on your face all day. Even though this is a con to the foundation, I do have to admit that the coverage does stay, as long as you don't wipe at your face to get rid of the shine. I've been dealing with this by applying a layer of powder foundation over the top of the Sheer Glow after I apply it in the morning, and then just applying a tiny bit more powder over the top when needed to get rid of the shininess and to help it look more matte.

Worth a repurchase?

As this foundation was quite pricey at over £30, I probably won't repurchase it again just yet in a hurry, but this is because I want to try more foundations out in case I'm missing out on something amazing, haha. I do think the price is a little steep, but the product definitely is worth the money. The only fault I can find with it is the whole shiny-face issue after wearing it for several hours, but this can easily be sorted out with a bit of powder and makeup setting spray. I am amazed by the tone of the foundation, also by the coverage of it considering how light the shade is, so I can't really find any fault for this product. I only wish that I'd tried it earlier. The only piece of advice that I'd give is to really consider which skin tone you have and research the shades available first before ordering on impulse, as the shade might surprise you and not suit your skin tone once you've applied it.

Overall, yes. I will repurchase this again one day. Maybe not just yet, as this is going to last me quite a while as a little goes a long way with this beauty, but I will definitely buy it again in the future.

Nicole x

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