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Saturday, May 09, 2015

Opinions on; Kylie Jenner.

Everyone knows who she is, particularly if you spend a lot of time on the Internet. She's a star that is just going to keep rising to the top, regardless of what she does. Due to her actions, looks, and famous Kardashian/Jenner family, it's no surprise that speculations and rumours surround this girl. There are a lot of mixed opinions on Miss Jenner out there, regarding her appearance, her relationships, her lifestyle, her family... But mine isn't a negative one. In fact, it's quite the opposite. Let me explain.

First off, remember that Kylie is only 17 years old, approaching 18 this year. She is also the youngest born out of her large and very well-known family. Being the youngest alone and having a high-status to her name already without having to do anything, is a big pressure to the star. Add to that, the fact that she and her family are always in the media and in the spotlight, always under everybody's scrutiny, this is also more pressure. I think it's easier for people such as you and I to brush this off as 'no big deal', considering we don't live with this on a daily basis. But unlike us, Kylie's life is always out there for everybody to judge and make their own conclusions about. Growing up in general - particularly at this age - is a tough time for every one, especially Kylie when her life is constantly being viewed by others. With all of this being said, I think everyone needs to cut her a break and remember that she is a human like all of us. Personally, I think she's done - and is doing - incredibly well to stay on track and hasn't done anything outrageous due to the pressures that she's under.

Relating to what I just said, don't forget that she is part of the reality series Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Many may argue that she wouldn't be in the spotlight as much if she didn't participate. But think about it... Someone who is already judged so much for being open with their life on the show, would be judged even more for refusing to do it when the rest of her family is on it. The questions like 'what is Kylie hiding?', or 'what makes her so much better than the rest of them?' would start, which wouldn't make the fame any better for her. Sure, there's obviously things that the family members can choose not to air, but we definitely have a larger insight to their lives by what is aired. Imagine if your life was being documented, how would you react around the cameras? Especially growing up? I think she's doing pretty darn well if you ask me. I'll list some more incredible things at the end that the young star has already accomplished at such a young age.

Now, let's get to one of the biggest speculations that have been circulating for a while now; plastic surgery and so on. As everyone knows, the majority of the females of the family are known for their shapely figures, and their ahem, booties. Over the last year or so, it's hard to deny that Kylie's body has definitely changed in more than one area. The main focuses are her lips, boobs, and that Kardashian-famous booty that runs in the family. There have been numerous rumours surrounding these, and quite frankly some nasty comments taking place on her social platforms whenever she posts anything. The rumours include things like having boob jobs, having bum implants, undergoing fat transfers to achieve her curves, having lip injections, having surgeries to reshape her facial structure... The list goes on, blah, blah, blah. Quite frankly, I don't really care what she's undergone to achieve the way she looks now, because she looks smokin' hot and I'm extremely envious. She definitely has the money to undergo any of these procedures, but has anyone ever stopped to think about the obvious things contributing? Such as exercise, healthy diets, waist-training? Her older sisters - particularly Khloe, who is a motherly figure to Kylie - exercises most days of the week intensively, as well as combining that with waist-training and having a healthy diet. As a role model to Kylie and someone she looks up to, couldn't she have the same approach to her body as Khloe? Yes, she's admitted recently that she had temporary lip fillers to plump her lips, as they were a significant insecurity to her. And under the pressure and scrutiny that she is, can you really blame her for trying something new? She can afford it, and even bad press is press, and her ever-changing lips have boosted her popularity. She's also gone through puberty like everybody does at some point, push-up bras are available, as is makeup... Cut her some slack, people. Wouldn't you guys invest in things if you had her money and the ability to experiment with your look? Mhmm, I thought you would. Maybe not surgeries, but some of you might if you could afford it.

Now on to the next controversial topic; Kylie and Tyga. Everyone is always going to have different opinions on this, due to everyone being brought up differently and with varying views. I'm from the UK, where legal age of sexual consent is 16, so in my eyes, this relationship doesn't really bother me. Fair enough, there's an age gap of quite a few years, but it's not the only instance where a young woman has dated an older bloke. It happens everywhere. The only difference is that most people aren't in the spotlight and being accused of things, even if they are happening. Remember what I said earlier about her family being well-known and also large in numbers... Kylie has grown up extremely quick and she is very mature for her age due to this. Her family also have friendship ties with many people, including rappers like Tyga himself. He's known the family for years, so they could even just be close friends. I personally believe that they are seeing each other or dating, due to being in each others Snapchats, and the cute pictures and captions Tyga has on his Instagram of Kylie which are just... Awk, so cute! I don't see this relationship as a wrong thing, as long as they are both happy and healthy, why does anyone else need to speculate? Jealousy? Nothing else going on in their lives? Because it's easy to sit there and get your Keyboard-Warrior head on? Leave them alone! They're both young, under the spotlight, obviously care about each other, and they genuinely look happy together! You go, guys.

Kylie's accomplishments so far;
1 - Has her own clothing line with Kendall - Kendall & Kylie - with Pacsun.
2 - Has two nail lacquers with the brand OPI named Wear Something Spar-Kylie and Rainbow In The S-kylie.
3 - Launched a jewelry line with Kendall with Pascal Mouawad's Glamhouse; Metal Haven by Kendall and Kylie.
4 - Herself and Kendall also launched a bag and shoe collection with Steve Madden's Madden Girl.
5 - Kylie has recently launched her own hair extension brand called Kylie Hair Kouture with Bellami Hair.
6 - Named by Times Magazine as one of 2014's Most Influential Teens.
7 - Was featured alongside Kendall as a Style Ambassador for Seventeen magazine.
8 - Released a book with her sister; Rebels; City of Indra.
9 - This year, she became the Ambassador for the skincare line Nip+Fab.
10 - This year, she purchased a $2.7 million mansion for herself to move into once she turns 18 later in the year.

These are just to name a few, along with being a model for various different things, making many media appearances and also hosting several events. This amount of work and things that she has accomplished is staggering, giving the fact that she is still only 17 years old. If she's done this already, imagine what she can accomplish in the next ten years. All I know is that she's doing extremely well for herself, and whilst everyone out there is making bad comments about her, they're only bringing more spotlight and success to her name. All I can say is that Kylie Jenner is definitely a force to be reckoned with, I don't think there is going to be any stopping her, and she's killing it on so many different levels no matter what she's doing. I'm in complete awe of her, and she just needs to keep her chin up, live her life, and keep doing what she's doing. You go, Kylie!

Nicole x

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