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Thursday, June 04, 2015

Going Cruelty Free.

Yay for me taking a picture of my own handwriting and doodles as a blog picture!
I haven't been posting for a little while, and I do apologize profusely for this to my followers - thank you for sticking around and bearing with me! Even though my blog's been going for a few months now, I'm still quite new to this. I haven't been posting because I feel like a massive hypocrite. Let me explain why...

So, I've decided to blog about beauty and fashion (the latter will come as my confidence builds). Why have I been feeling like a hypocrite and putting off posting recently? Let me explain. If you've read through some of my posts, you'll have noticed that I have a job that involves working with animals. My job is to look after their welfare and make sure that they are kept in good health to the best of my abilities. That's not the problem. The problem for me personally is that I've chosen to blog about beauty products. Doesn't seem like a big deal, does it? To me it is, because I've been buying products that have been tested on animals. And those said animals have been injured, tortured and killed in the process. So, on one hand I'm protecting animals and helping them, yet when I go home, I'm buying things that have been tested on animals, with the money that I've earned from looking after animals elsewhere. Putting it like that makes it sound rather bad, don't you think?

Because of the above reason, I've decided to go cruelty free in some aspects of my life. At the moment, I'm trying to go cruelty free in regards to makeup and hair care products. Maybe in time, I'll go cruelty free in more aspects, but I'm not a vegetarian or a vegan, so I won't be cutting things like wool out of my wardrobe. It's each to their own opinion and choices, and this is my choice. It might make me sound like more of a hypocrite by going cruelty free in one area, but still eating meat. It does sound hypocritical, but it's what I'm doing for now.

The thing that prompted me to go cruelty free was the fact that I stopped being so oblivious to what's happening. I've been watching various YouTubers and reading different blogs for a while now, but I stumbled across Kristen Leanne a couple of months ago, and she's actually inspired me to go cruelty free makeup wise. I'd also seen a lot of horrific images of cases where animal testing was taking place, and it reduced me to tears knowing that I was supporting that abuse and horror by buying products that caused harm to animals. I'd never settle for it if I saw someone hurting an animal out in public, or if an animal was injured at work, so I decided I also wouldn't stand for it when it comes to buying cosmetics. I won't upload any of the images here because I don't want to see them when I stroll through my blog, as the images are already burnt in to my mind. But if you want to look, just address good old Google and I'm sure you'll see what I mean.

I've decided only to go cruelty free regarding hair care and cosmetics at the moment because that's the stuff that I buy most often, and on quite a large scale, too. Knowing I'm doing this has made me feel better already, knowing that my money is considered as a vote, and by spending it on stuff that is cruelty free, it means that I'm supporting it. There will still be some upcoming posts on products that aren't cruelty free, as I've only just decided to transition over, so there's still a lot of products I'm using that aren't in that criteria. So I apologise for that too, but I'd rather use them instead of throwing them away and letting animals die in vain. There will be an upcoming post on the research I've done, stating which companies I shall most likely be buying from in the future, should any of you wish to have a look.

Nicole x

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