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Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Body Shop Haul

This post is going to be more of a photo post to show you what I got and give you a list of the stuff and prices, instead of explaining everything as a review. Because I'll probably do a review for some of the items anyway once I've been using them for a little while. It's fair to say, I went a little crazy lately on The Body Shop's website, buuut they had a sale on, so how can you say no to 40% off and a free gift, and then 30% off the next week? Let me dive right in and tell you lovely people what I purchased.

I have to admit straight up that I lied in the first picture... Because that wasn't everything I got, I also brought the items in the picture below too. Yes, I'm an addict to beauty gloops, I know this myself, but there are worse things to be addicted to. And this stuff all smells so darn good. I have no regrets so it's all fine.
As I stated, I'm going to just list the items that I brought and give you a link and a price of the items so that you can go and have a look if you want. I'll do a review post or two later on perhaps. So in no particular order, here are the items that I brought;

So that's the list of items that I purchased in my latest haul from them. It seems like quite a bit of money, but those prices listed above are the regular prices. I brought these in the 30% and 40% off sale, and also some of these were sale items with the 30-40% off added on, so I saved quite a cheeky amount. I also received the grapefruit shower gel free as part of one of the promotions, so I shall definitely not complain either. I have included the links in bold to the items that are currently available on their website if you are curious, so you can just click and go and check the product specification out if you wish. I apologise for quite a lengthy absence, life has been a little crazy with work lately and my motivation flopped a little! I've got some posts coming up soon (hopefully) as I'm visiting Colchester Zoo next week - if the weather is any good! - and I'm also paying Oxford Street in London a visit, so hopefully there'll be some photo posts to follow!

Nicole x

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