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Friday, August 28, 2015

Lush Oxford Street Haul

In my previous post, I explained my trip to Oxford Street and for anyone who's been reading my blog for a while, you'd have guessed that I was obviously going to go into the new Lush store they have there. After months of reading excited Lush fan's reviews on their exclusive products and seeing pictures and just generally being caught up in the excitement, I just had to go in myself and share a piece of the magic. And trust me when I say that it feels like magic in there. I was in my element. I was so excited that unfortunately I didn't remember to take any photos inside the actual shop to show you, but I'm sure a quick search on Google can show you the inside. It's three stories high, but from the outside it only looks like a ground level and an upstairs level, but what you can't see is the underground layer that houses their Lush spa, massage bars and their perfume collection. As the store is currently the largest out of all the Lush stores, they have the space to hold over 200 exclusive products in that one store, whilst also holding some well-loved and very familiar products that are available to stores worldwide. I could waffle all day, it was honestly like Christmas...

As I went to the store that held exclusive products, I investigated some of those and had a good gander around and a lot of sniffing (much bath bomb dust was inhaled) and holding, and just grinning like a Chesire cat. Anjela didn't share as much enthusiasm as I did, as it was her first experience and I do admit to having quite an obvious problem/addiction to products like this. But let me give my congratulations to her, as she handled my excitement very well and only told me to get a move on a handful of times and she only sat down once to let me deal with it on my own. Although, I did manage to convince her to buy some products and she did get stuck in eventually. ;)

Before I go on to explain to you what I purchased, I'll go into a little bit more detail about the shop's layout to you. Like I said in the introduction, it is a three story building. I've already explained the lower level, which was very peaceful and quiet compared to the rest of the building. When Anjela and I ventured down there, it was just us two and the two Lush employees down there - the hustle and bustle was upstairs! It was quite nice to just have a quick breather and to just have a good sniff at everything without people staring or giving you a weird look. The two employees down there were so pleasant and polite and had a nice conversation about the products with us and then left us to have a giggle at some of our descriptions of the smells of the perfumes, haha. I believe they might have been selling their music products down here too, but I might be lying as I didn't really pay too much attention to that detail, sorry! Whilst it was very serene on the underground level, the other two floors I cannot say the same for.

The ground floor was where the soaps, shampoos, conditioners, shower gels, showders, shower sheets, shower jellies, shower smoothies, shower scrubs, hennas, face and body treatments (butters, moisturisers, lotions, deodorants) and finally, the makeup was being sold, as well as having a little area for their hair treatment area. Now breathe. Yes, they were selling a massive amount of different products on this floor, so it's no surprise it was the most hectic of them all. I may have forgotten something but you get the idea. Even though there was a lot of people on this level, it was still easy to get about and have a look as there was so much space and everything was spaced out and organised really well. It looked beautiful and it was so different - and a little overwhelming - to walk around in a Lush store that big.

Upstairs it was a little less crowded, but it was still holding quite a few people. Up here was where the coveted bath bombs were placed, as well as the bath oils, bath melts, bubble bars, FUN bars (complete with a little station where children could mold things out of the product!), bags, and gift sets. There was also a little placement on the wall where a few of their 'Best Selling' products were placed to let the visitors see what the all-time favourite Lush products were. The staff were so nice and friendly on all levels and I couldn't have asked for better customer service - the staff at Lush really are amazing in all stores! Enough of me rambling, let me show you what I got.

It's clear I'm not going to be a hand model any time soon, but besides from that, these products are all gorgeous! As a little disclaimer as to why I didn't pick up many Oxford Street exclusives, I already had my mind set on what I was going to get, so I only ended up picking up the Lord of Misrule shower cream. And I knew that a couple of the products that I really wanted were going to be released to Lush stores nationwide on the day I went, so I wasn't particularly fussed. I'll go back again in the future. Here's the list of stuff that I grabbed;
 - Respect Your Elders soap - I couldn't really get a good picture of it, as it's a very dark shade of purple that's almost black. It does have the very faint occasional white fleck within it. It's a strong scented blackcurrant and elderflower soap, which you can smell quite a way off and the scent stays on your skin for quite a while after rinsing. It's one of my favourite smelling soaps so far. This product was lucky enough to be released to nationwide stores.
 - Skin Drink moisturiser - The second product I got was one that I was looking at for a while, but picked it up in store as I always forgot to order it online with my other things. This is a facial moisturiser and it's packed full of oils and butters to nourish the skin, and also contains some avocados and aloe vera, so it should be super hydrating and good for the skin. I get very dry skin so I've been using this, and so far it's doing a great job. I'm not particularly fond of the smell (the website says it has a light orange neroli and rose smell) but I can look over that as the product is working. This wasn't an Oxford Street exclusive and can be picked up in all stores as far as I'm aware.
 - Dragon's Egg bath bomb - I have mentioned this bath bomb quite a few times on the blog already; just look for some of my other posts relating to Lush. This is my favourite bath bomb ever (at least in the top three after this haul!) so I just had to grab one, otherwise I would have felt really guilty for neglecting it and choosing others over it. This obviously isn't an exclusive and you can pick it up in any Lush store.
 - Intergalactic bath bomb - Anyone who's aware of Lush must have seen a photo or simply heard about this gorgeous new addition to the Lush family. Just look at it for a start - how magical does it look? It also has a small amount of glitter throughout the bomb, which the photo might not have picked up. It was one of the most anticipated items that Lush fans wanted to become a permanent product in nationwide stores, and luckily it has. It has a very fresh, clean smell about it, with a very stong presence of peppermint, followed by cedarwood and verivert. This has earned itself a place in my Top 3 Favourites very quickly!
 - The Experimenter bath bomb - Along with the above mentioned bath bomb, this unique shaped bomb has been extremely popular and very talked about since the makers hinted at this a long time ago. It stands out against the other bath bombs due to it's five colours and also due to it's shape, as it's not the typical sphere shape. I was super excited to grab this one and even though I knew it was going to be released to nationwide stores, I still wanted to get it from Oxford Street to be part of the hype. I'm not a huge fan of the smell, as it's verivert, vanilla and tonka, but the latter two don't kick in until it's in the water, in my opinion anyway. I'm not a fan of earthy scents and I prefer the sweet smelling ones, or the citrus smells. But, I am extremely willing to forget the smell as the sight of this in the bath is absolutely wonderful and it blows every bomb out of the water. This became the last in my favourites list as soon as it touched the water. Anyone who says this isn't spectacular, well, you can just leave now. You honestly have to try this, you won't be disappointed!
 - The Comforter shower cream - This was another 'exclusive' product that made people go scatty. Lush took their popular Comforter bubble bar and made it into a shower cream. I myself have never grabbed the bubble bar and used it yet, but I've smelt in stores a lot and it smells beautiful. So I was pretty chuffed to figure out that this shower cream also smells beautiful. It's a strong, strong berry smell, mixed with cassis absolute, bergamot, and cypress essential oils. It's definitely a strong and sweet smell, so if you're not one for smells like this, I'd recommend sniffing it in store before buying it online as you could be surprised by how powerful the scent is. I, however, really like this so it's right up my street. This product was also one of those chosen to be released further than just the Oxford Street store.
 - Lord Of Misrule shower cream - Now, we've finally gotten to this little gem. As I follow quite a few Lush fan accounts on Instagram, I've seen a lot of excitement and hype towards the Lord Of Misrule bath bomb and anything with this scent. So I was excited to be coming face to face with the product to smell it for myself for the first time (I only really got properly into Lush over the last year, so I haven't ever picked up anything LoM scented). Although, I was very skeptical as I don't like earthy scents, and this definitely seemed like it was going to be just that. Or at least herby and peppery, which also doesn't float my boat. As you can see on the bottle, it says it's earthy, herbal, with a bit of spice, and it contains black pepper, patchouli oil and vanilla. To me, this sounds like it's just not my cup of tea and it sounds like the combination wouldn't go together. I was so close to just skipping it based on it's description of smell and almost brought something else altogether. But then I smelt it. Oh my sweet baby Jesus. Am I glad I sniffed it! I've hardly stopped smelling it since I got it. It is the best damn scent I've ever put near my nose! It's replaced the Dragon's Egg scent (I know, I thought that was impossible) as my favourite and I am absolutely gutted that I didn't buy a bigger bottle, but I had to be careful with money and they are quite pricey. Unfortunately, this product also didn't get released to nationwide stores; probably because it would always be out of stock as it seems to be a cult favourite. So next time I go to this beauty's home, I am going to stock up. And hopefully if it is released around Halloween or Christmas time, I shall also grab loads. I cannot stress the amazing-ness of this smell. Ugh, I wish I could water it down and turn it into a never-ending perfume.

So that's all for now for this haul. I would have grabbed more but I had to refrain myself from going bankrupt! Maybe next time I'll grab some more when I have a little bit more money to spend on these glorious goodies. I do intend on going back in the future, so next time I'll grab some actual exclusives to feature on here and try for myself. Did you see anything that grabbed your attention? Have you tried any of these, or do you want to? Let me know in the comments, I'd love to know your opinions and have a chat with you!

Nicole x


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