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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Lush Haul ft Kitchen Exclusives (September '15)

In this haul, I've been dreaming of all kinds of monsters, mixed with aliens, who have the scents of lemon and grapefruit, and also thinking of super tramps... Wait, what? Super tramps? Aliens and monsters? You might be wondering whether I've lost my mind or whether I've been taking something, but let me assure you I haven't been doing the latter - the first one I do wonder about myself a lot. My beauty product addiction has fought my willpower and won once again. Let me elaborate to you about my strange little dream.

Let me just start by apologising for the lighting in any of these photos - the natural lighting was horrendous due to typical British rainy weather, so I only had a bright lamp to rely on! And let me follow on by saying that yes, I am aware that this is another Lush haul...I shall not apologise as I am not sorry for this... I am an addict and I have problems. Although I am not willing to change my ways. As you can see from the title of the post, this little haul features some exclusive products that I was able to grab from the Lush Kitchen;sometimes these items sell out really quickly and can be hard to get hold of if you're not speedy about it. If you didn't know, the Lush Kitchen sells products that are up for pre-release sales, or those that are technically exclusive to the Lush Oxford Street store that are sold through the Kitchen for a very limited amount of time, or they sell a small batches of old products that you cannot buy in store anymore. And this time, I managed to grab a few of the aforementioned products and a few regular products that are sold all the time. If you're a Lushie person, you'll already know what the products about are like, but if not, let me have the pleasure of telling you.

This is the packaging that all of my exclusive products were put inside within the box. This was so that I'd know which ones were the exclusives, and which ones were just the normal products that are sold all the time. I really like this idea as it means you get to open two lots of packaging and it feels like more of a present to yourself and it gives it a more special feel. I think the bag is really pretty with the little illustrations that are over it, and the green sticker that says 'exclusive fresh products' that helps to seal the bag makes it feel even more rare and unique.

Above are the four exclusive products that I managed to get from the Lush Kitchen in time, before they were all sold out. As you can see, two of the products are exactly the same, and this is because I truly couldn't resist buying two. I'll explain later on underneath their individual picture why. If you aren't a regular Lush customer, three out of the four of the above are FUN bars, which have multiple uses which I'll elaborate on more when required, whereas the other product is a bubble bar, which makes bubbles. These products were either pre-releases, or they were products that were being sold for a limited amount of time from the Lush Oxford Street for fans to get their hands on without having to make the journey to London.

Sea Monster FUN - As you can see, this product is tricoloured, consisting of green, yellow, and blue. This bar is made of a dough-like consistency and is quite a diverse product. As I mentioned a little bit further up, this particular product can be used in a variety of different ways. You can break a small piece off and run it under water to produce bubbles in your bath; you can use a bit to wash yourself with; you can use it as shampoo; you can play with it and mould it like play dough; and as a fifth added bonus, you can also break off a small piece and pop it in with your washing so that your clothes collect the scent of this FUN bar. So for the small price of £5 for 200g, you've got yourself a product that is going to last you for a long time, but one that can also be used for a vast amount of things. This particular FUN bar was available in the Lush Kitchen for a limited amount of time, as it's home is the Oxford Street store. So as you can see, I managed to nab myself one just in time. I did consider getting this when I actually went to the store in person (read my impression on their new store just here) but at the time I hadn't ever owned any FUN bars, and I had my mind set on other products, so I gave it a miss. But when I saw it available in the Kitchen, I thought why not just grab it now, as I don't know when I'm next going to London, so it was now or not for a very long time. It's very pleasing to look at with it's bright colours and I love the packaging with the little animations on it. This particular FUN has the scent of lime, seaweed, and lavender. For me, I didn't have high expectations for it regarding the scent, as seaweed is an odd smell for me and I'm not really a fan of lavender... But, as usual with Lush products, I was very pleasantly surprised with this and I'm rather chuffed about that. I was expecting the seaweed to be quite a strong element in this as it is a sea-themed product, but for me I feel like the lime is the strongest scent out of them all. I can definitely smell the lavender and the seaweed are present, but I feel as if they even out the scent so it isn't too bitter. It is quite a powerful and in-your-face scent, and you can also smell it when you're a little way away from the FUN bar, which I like. Although I haven't used it yet so I can't comment on the staying power the scent has on your skin. As you may be able to see on the packaging, this product is self-preserving, meaning that you don't really need to keep it any particular way - just don't leave it anywhere where it will get wet and go all goopy, and don't leave it anywhere where it will get all hot and dried up and shrivelled. Yummy.

Aliens and Monsters FUN - As with the above mentioned FUN bar, this product has exactly the same uses, all FUN bars can be used in the same way. The only difference between the different products of this type is just the scent that they have and the colours that they consist of. This FUN was also £5 and it is 200g, so exactly the same as the previous bar. However, you may have noticed in the first picture at the top of the post, I actually purchased two of the Aliens and Monsters. Let me elaborate on why to you lovely people. This product was available in the Kitchen as a pre-release, meaning that this FUN bar will probably be released in the very near future, as products from the same scent family as this are usually released for sale around Halloween time. This product was what caught my initial attention on the website, as I deeply regretted not picking this up in Oxford Street, so I couldn't pass it up twice. If you don't know about this FUN already, it shares the same scent as Lord Of Misrule. I am absolutely in love with this scent. I could elaborate more on it, but I've already rambled and raved about it before, so instead of typing it all out again and torturing you all, I'll leave you the link here where you can go and see my exact thoughts on this divine smell. As I knew I loved the smell, I purchased two so that they would last me quite a while. I've seriously considered washing everything I own with this bar so that I can always smell it. I love the colours of this, which are quite a bright pink, purple, and green, which does have quite an extraterrestrial feel to it. As it says on the packaging, make something out of this world with it. Even though I already have two of this from this little haul, I cannot wait until they are released for Halloween so that I can stock up for the next year until they are released again! I just wish that I had purchased it when I visited it's home in Oxford Street. Before I get distracted sniffing it again, how awesome are the stick on eyes that are on the bar? These definitely make the product stand out more.

Refresher Shower Jelly - This is my second shower jelly to capture my attention out of the whole Lush range. For quite a while, I've avoided the jellies as I thought they were a little bit strange. However, as I'm being pulled further into my addiction with Lush, I feel myself being pulled towards them. This one immediately caught my attention with it's vivid yellow colouring and with the name 'Refresher'. Who can resist something like that? This particular product originated in Oxford Street, but due to popularity it made it's way to other stores as well as online. I gave it a good sniff when I first saw it, but didn't have it on my list of things to purchase that day, so I passed on it for other goodies. However, now it is available all the time, I have no excuse to not try it. You can buy this shower jelly here for £3.50 per 100g, which I think is a really good deal as it will last for quite a long time due to being a solid jelly. With this, you'd just take it out of the pot and rub it over your body as much as you want, and then just pop it back in the pot to use another time. As well as being bright in colour, it is also slightly shimmery, which makes it aesthetically pleasing to gaze upon. This jelly is just an overload of lemon, containing lemon oil, lemon infusion, and lemon myrtle. So when you sniff it, it's pretty much like a lemon walking up to you and punching you straight in the nose. It's a very strong scent and could be overwhelming if you aren't keen on citrus or lemon smells, but I am a fan of these smells, so this is great for me. The website says that you can put it in the fridge or freezer to keep it ice cold, so that when you use it the jelly is even more refreshing than just the scent alone. I'm not sure whether I will do this, but if I do, I'll be sure to let you know! I can't wait to see whether the scent of this stays on the skin after use.

Apandapand Soap - This soap doesn't look like much special, due to the piece that I was cut and sent, but let me assure you that when the soap is a big whole piece before the staff slice it up, it actually looks like a giant grapefruit. That being said, you can probably guess what this smells like; yep, like a sweet slice of actual grapefruit. Which is what inspired me to buy it, because I love the smell of anything that is grapefruit. This was, again, originally homed at the Oxford store in London, but as it was quite a hit with customers, they released it to other stores as well as made it available to buy online. You can purchase yourself a slice of fruity goodness from here. This particular slice cost me £3.10 for roughly 100g of soap. Which is a good deal as the soaps from Lush last such a long time - providing they aren't left in a damp environment so the soap doesn't waste away accidentally. The scent for this is so nice, it's not too bitter or too sweet, it's very carefully standing in the middle of the two. It's not too in-your-face, but it's not exactly subtle either. I haven't used this product yet either, so I'm excited to experience it during use. I'm hoping it leaves it's glorious scent on my skin after use, but if not I won't be disappointed as it's nice enough just to smell when it's being used. This is quite a long slab of soap, which is unusual to the other soap pieces I've received in the past, but it is quite thin in comparison, which would explain the length. The name for the soap is a little bit odd and I'm not sure on the origin of it, so it'll probably be easy enough for me to forget without looking online or picking a piece up or sniffing it in store. 

Supertramp Bubble Bar - This is what I was on about when I said I was dreaming of supertramps. I'll be honest, when I first saw this in the Lush Kitchen, I did put it in my basket and then took it out a couple of times, as I was undecided on whether I wanted it or not. It is an exclusive product to Oxford Street, so this was only sold for a limited amount of time until the Kitchen sold out. I did pick this up in store on my visit to London, as the colours of pink and green enticed me, but the smell really didn't do it for me. As you might know if you've been reading my other Lush-related blog posts, I am not a fan of earthy scents - which is exactly what kind of scent this bar has. Even when I unwrapped it and sniffed it, I pulled a face and turned my nose up. I can assure you I didn't buy this for the smell. Although, saying that, there is a very vague underlying smell amongst all the earthy-mossy smells which I like, so I'm hoping I'll like the smell more once it comes into contact with water. In all honesty, I brought it because it looks pretty, I was willed to buy it because my willpower vanished due to it being exclusive and very limited... And because I have a bird called Tramp, so I owe this purchase to him a little. Cheers feathery friend. I'm pretty sure that I paid £3.75 for this bubble bar from the Kitchen, but I could be wrong. I'm very happy with that price, as it's probably one of the best-value products from Lush, as the bar itself is quite chunky and large, so it should last a while as their bubble bars tend to produce a lot of bubbles per small piece of product. I think this should be the case with this one, but if not I'll let you know. I don't regret buying this, as I am holding the candle of hope for it to win me over when it makes some soft fluffy bubbles for me, as bubbles instantly make me happy. Based on the initial smell alone, I wouldn't purchase it again yet, but I haven't gotten any use out of it so far, so my opinion may change but I'm sure I'll keep you updated on that. I love the fact that the pale green and the pink colour scheme makes it stand out from the other Lush products, as this is the only one I've personally seen with these particular colours. I'm not a fan of the colour pink, but this won me over and pleased my eyes.

So for now, that's the end of this Lush haul. Overall, I am extremely pleased with what I managed to grab (particularly the Aliens and Monsters because of the scent, squee!!) and I'm pretty convinced this is all going to last me a bloody long time. So theoretically, I shouldn't need to buy any more Lush products for a while... But I won't lie and say that's the case because I'm already keeping an eye out for the release of the Halloween range. And after that is the possibility of a few exclusive Bonfire Night products being released like last year, then there's Christmas products... So you can guess that I'm already saving! There will certainly be more Lush posts coming your way soon. I'm sorry for waffling on, I shall leave you in peace now. Thankyou for reading!

Have you purchased any of the mentioned products? Do you have a particular urge to try one, if so, which one? I'd love to reply to your comments!

Nicole x


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