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Friday, December 18, 2015

Lush 2015 Christmas Haul

After much delay, and with a little over a week left until Christmas Day, I thought it was about time I shifted my backside and posted the partial Lush haul that I've managed to collect over the last month or two. It has taken time, as it is quite a stash and isn't exactly cheap, but I've managed to get the ones that I wanted to try this year. So, let me dive straight into it and show you some of the collection that's available to buy until the end of December. I apologise for the bad set-up for these photos - I didn't have anywhere suitable to take them so I just took photos of the products in their boxes!

Golden Wonder bath bomb - This is the product that looks like a present. This bath bomb is extremely glittery on the outside, so if you're not a fan of glitter, this one is definitely not for you. It has a pleasant citrus smell to it, almost like my favourite bomb, Dragon's Egg, but not quite. Without giving away too much of this one's magic, it lets out a different colour to what you'd expect from just looking at it. This one costs £3.95.
Magic Of Christmas FUN bar - The picture doesn't show this product very well, but it has four different coloured segments, which are blue, white, red, and gold. All of which are rather shimmery, so again this one might not be for you if you're not a glitter fan. You can use this as a soap, shampoo, bubble bar, or to use like play-dough. I've also read that you could use a tiny amount to put in the washing machine to make your clothes smell like this. This bar smells quite fruity, being described as having a tangerine and juniper berry scent. I quite like the scent of this one so I'm looking forwards to using this. Like with all FUN, this one is priced at £5.
Snowman shower jelly - I didn't get this one out of the pot as it's a little bit difficult to handle it without getting some jelly juice everywhere! But in case you were wondering, the jelly is shaped into a little snowman which is kind of adorable. I absolutely love the smell of this; lemon, bergamot, and buchu which smells slightly like blackcurrants. It doesn't sound like the best in writing, but honestly, just go give it a sniff in store. This cute little thing is £3.95 also.

Rose Jam shower gel - I got this shower gel in the 100g bottle as I wasn't too sure on the scent as I brought it online, so I played it safe. It smells like rose and vanilla, but since using it I've discovered that I'm not the biggest fan of rose, and I've never been much of a fan for vanilla anyway. It's not a bad scent, I still use it but it's not my absolute favourite. This gel is quite thick in consistency and isn't glittery or shimmery, so it doesn't leave anything on your skin - besides the feeling of cleanliness and softness. This 100g bottle costs £4.95.
Snow Fairy shower gel - I've heard over time that there are a lot of people who love this particular product and anything with this scent. I didn't want to be too quick to jump on the bandwagon and say I was going to love it too, but it is quite a nice scent. It's a very sweet candyfloss smell, and it can get quite sickly smelling after a while. So if you're not big on strong scents, I'd recommend you avoid this one. I did buy a 100g bottle for £3.95, but then went and brought the 250ml bottle for £7.95 as I liked the scent more than I'd anticipated. It has a lot of shimmer in it but the photo doesn't show this very well.
Luxury Lush Pud bath bomb - This bath bomb is very colourful as you can probably see. It's pink and white, with large dots of green, yellow, purple, and blue, and it also has a little sprig of holly decoration on the top. So this one will be a spectacle in your bath and will definitely be interesting to watch. Now, I'll be honest, I'm not the biggest fan of this scent, but I'm sure the show of colours will make up for it so it's bearable. It smells of tonka and lavender, but I think it's the combination of both together that I'm not fond of. This bath bomb costs £3.95.

Shoot For The Stars bath bomb - This is the product that you see on the left, which is blue and has a white shooting star on it, with flashes of yellow on it too. This ballistic has a strong honey and toffee scent, which I'm not particularly fond of. But, it looks pretty and I've seen that it looks really pretty in the bath, so I'm prepared to discard the scent and just enjoy the show. This ballistic is priced at £3.65.
Candy Mountain bubble bar - If you follow any girly bloggers on Instagram, or people who tend to have really pink bubble baths around Christmas time, this is probably the Lush product that they use. This bubble bar is a really popular one as it shares the same scent as Snow Fairy; very sweet and smells like candyfloss. It will tint your bath fairly pink, but the more you use, the more pink it will be. It's slightly shimmery itself, but I'm not sure whether it will make your bath shimmery. This is priced at £2.95, which is one of the cheapest Lush products.
Father Christmas bath bomb - You may not be able to see this product very well, as the bath bomb is white and a pale red and my lighting wasn't very good. But hopefully you can make out the face of Santa on the ballistic, which is rather cool. This ballistic turns the water a different colour to what you'd expect, which I'll leave for you to see for yourself. Like a number of products in the Christmas range, this also shares the sweet scent of Snow Fairy. This is priced at £3.65.

Snakes and Ladders FUN bar - This FUN bar is red, blue, and yellow in colouring and is priced at £5 like any other FUN. This was the first product of it's type that I wanted to pick up from this year's Christmas range, as I'd heard that it shares the same fruity smell as Respect Your Elders soap, which is gorgeous. It smells of elderberries, buchu, and bergamot, which results in a pleasant fruity smell. And this bar definitely smells like that, so I'm happy. 
Reindeer Rock soap - I wanted to pick this up as I liked the design of it - I think the reindeer that's detailed on it is cute. I like the frosted shimmery layer over the top of the soap, and the dark purple colour to me just showcases what the scent of this is. If anyone knows of the Comforter bubble bar, this product shares the same smell. It's very fruity and blackcurranty, but it isn't too overpowering. I got a 100g slice for £3.25 and this should last a while as Lush soaps are very durable.
Santa's Belly shower jelly - For a start, I purely wanted this for the name and the little rhyme that's the title. But upon looking closer, I saw that it had little stars in it which obviously drew me in like a magpie because I love me some shiny things. This jelly smells just like apples and there's nothing else I can really say about the smell, as it's just pure apples. You can get this with vegan red wine in it, or you can get the alcohol free one, but it doesn't really matter which you get as the smells the same. And you can't eat or drink it, so there's no tipsy bonus. This was £3.95 for the 100g pot.

Baked Alaska soap - I purchased this last year and I have been saving it throughout the year in the hope that it would come back this year, and luckily it has. So I've been using my old bit religiously and have since ordered this piece to tide me over. I have some more on the way and I'm stocking up, so that shows it's a solid favourite of mine. I love the way it looks with all of the different colours - the blues, greens, yellows, pinks, and purples. And the little layering of white around the outside of the soap so that it looks like a frosted igloo. It has a refreshing citrus scent that almost reminds me of sherbet, but not quite. This slice was 100g and costs £3.25.
Lord of Misrule shower cream - This isn't typically a Christmas product as it was released around Halloween, but for a short amount of time it was available to buy throughout December. You can buy this all year round at the Oxford Street store in London. I've posted about this before and it is one of my all-time favourite scents. It smells of black pepper, vanilla, and patchouli. Not a scent I thought I'd like from reading the description, but I adore it. It is £4.95 for a 100g bottle, but it something around the region of £7.95 for a 250g bottle.
Lord of Misrule bath bomb - This one was very similar to the shower cream - it was released a short while before Halloween for that range, and is still available to buy in some stores. Unfortunately, it isn't able to be purchased off the website anymore, so if you want this you'll need to visit a local Lush store. This is my absolute favourite bath bomb, and it smells even more incredible once it hits the water. It makes a beautiful show in the bath which you can see on my Instagram. I've been stocking up on these so hopefully they'll last if I use them sparingly throughout the year until they're next released! I'm pretty sure these were priced at £3.95.

Do you have any of the Lush Christmas range? If so, what ones do you have and what are your favourites? If not, is there any that you want to try or want to see in more detail? Comment below as I'd love to know what you guys think to this year's range!

Nicole x

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