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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Arctic Fox Hair Colour.

I finally got my hands on some of the brand that I've been dying to try; Arctic Fox! It's been a long time coming, so I'm finally going to introduce you to this brand if you haven't already heard about it. I went for two different colours as you can see above, and brought the smallest size to sample at first. And as you may know, I'm a major fan of bright coloured hair, so of course I went for bright colours. I have fallen in love with this brand as I predicted I would, let me explain to you why.

I have been following the owner and founder of Arctic Fox - Kristen Leanne - on social media and YouTube for quite a while now, and she was also my inspiration for wanting to try to transition over to going cruelty-free last year. As we both share the same stance on animal welfare issues and whatnot, it makes sense that this brand is cruelty-free, as well as being vegan. Which is a total winner straight away. This particular brand is made in the US, so there's various ways for any American people to get their hands on some, but for UK folk like me, I shall tell you where I purchased this later on. They have a wide range of vibrant semi-permanent hair dyes, including colours like yellows, greens, blues, pinks, reds, and purples. Recently they have released a black to their line, which has been awesomely named Transylvania, as well as introducing a silver-grey colour called Sterling, which they are currently perfecting. Going back to being vegan and cruelty-free, their colourants are also free of any nasty products, such as peroxide and ammonia. This means that the hair dyes will not damage your hair in any way whatsoever. Each colour also has conditioner mixed in with the dye, meaning that it's going to give you the bonus of soft, healthy, coloured hair all in one application. The two colours that I chose to go for to try out first were Aquamarine and Violet Dream.
Above are two small swatches of both colours for you to see. They come out of the bottle vibrant and stay this colour the whole way through the hair-dying process. This is the easiest hair dye to use; open the bottle, use what you need, slap it on your hair, done. It's as easy as that. Besides that, all you have to do is wait for 45 minutes (or as long as you want really - it's not going to damage your hair) and then rinse it out with cool water to prevent any colour run or fast fading. Can I just throw in that I've been dying my hair different colours since the age of 12, so nearly 10 years of my life has already been spent trying different brands and colours, and not one have I ever liked the smell of. But this stuff, oh sweet lord. It smells magnificent. It smells like heaven. If you happen to not like the smell of this hair dye, then just leave now. It is the best smelling hair product I have ever encountered, and I'm desperately wishing that they could bring out shampoo and conditioner that smells like this. Maybe a perfume too? Let's not get greedy. If you have ever tried the Jolly Rancher sweets and tried the grape flavoured one, this hair dye smells like the taste of those. If you don't know what that tastes like, go find some Jolly Ranchers and sample them. You're missing out if you haven't.

Oh, and did I mention that they donate 15% of their profits to animal organisations and charities to prevent animal abuse? Yet another reason to love them. For more information on this, click here to go to their page where they explain in more detail.
A bit of a shit quality photo, but this is how the dye looked afterwards. I managed to achieve several different tones from using just the two colours as my hair wasn't all the same colour before I dyed it. The underneath had been recently bleached and was various different shades, hence why the underneath is more pink instead of violet. I put the Aquamarine from root to tip everywhere besides underneath, which ended up being bright and true to the bottle colour on the ends, but more of a deep green-blue on top. This was because it was put on top of my natural hair colour, which is a strange chestnut brown colour which is difficult to explain. The tips of my hair from underneath went the purple in the bottle as they were practically white, so the colour went the correct colour on these parts. However, I loved the fact that it came out all different colours and tones. I felt like a very grungy mermaid.
Yet another photo for you, hello. This just shows the colour that I achieved with Aquamarine on top of my natural hair colour. Excuse the alcohol in the mug - it was New Year's Eve and I had no glasses to put said alcoholic beverages in.

As I mentioned earlier, Arctic Fox is an American brand, so you can purchase directly off of the AF website, linked here (and also check out the stunning ladies pictured on the site, one of which is the gorgeous Kristen Leanne herself). I believe you can also buy this brand from Hot Topic and Amazon if you are from the US. As I am from the UK, to avoid paying expensive shipping costs, I purchased my bottles from I purchased the 118ml bottles, which were £8.99 each, but you can buy the 236ml bottles for £13.35 from there too. Here is the link to Arctic Fox's store on Amazon UK so you can browse their different colour options if you're interested - I definitely recommend them.
Here's a picture taken from my Instagram @nnnicoleb to show how the colour is holding up on the ends after three weeks and quite a lot of washes with hot water. The colour hasn't faded at all on the parts of my hair where it was previously bleached beforehand, but it has faded quite a lot on my natural hair, but this was expected anyway. The only thing I can say about it is that it's fantastic and I wholeheartedly suggest trying this brand if you're like myself and prefer vivid colours that aren't damaging. They're definitely worth the money and the colour lasts for a long time, which pays for itself compared to some other brands. It's convinced me to bleach more of my hair when the colours have come out completely, so that when I next want to use pretty colours, it will show up more and last longer all over. I am completely head over heels in love with this brand and I support them 100%. I cannot wait to try their other colours and see what else is in store for them in the future!

Have you tried Arctic Fox? If so, what were your experiences and colour choices? Or are you interested in trying this brand? I'd love to know in the comments!

Nicole x


  1. Thanks for this article, im going to try the pink and purple colours! Your hair looks great!

    1. Hi! Sorry for the late reply, I had a break from blogging! Thank you so much, I'd definitely recommend this brand. Pink and purple together would look so cool! :)

  2. Hi I would like to know how lightened (bleached) your own hair was before you put the dye on it?

    1. Hi, so sorry for the late reply, I had a break from blogging!

      When I dyed my hair these colours, I had recently bleached the underneath section of my hair blonde, from root to tip. I hadn't toned it or anything. The rest of my hair was my natural colour (which is a light-medium auburn on top and gets gradually darker underneath). It does more of a tint on natural hair and fades quicker, but on bleached hair it does really well :)

  3. Loved this dye too! Like you I've tried a lot of dyes in the past and this one is by far the best for true colour! I had bleach from root to tip when I used it and let me tell you it was definitely worth it, had a lot of comments from random strangers lol! The smell is a bonus too, spent half the day at work sniffing my own hair but it does make you hungry for sweets haha!

    1. It truly is awesome! So glad you loved it too. Can't beat hair compliments from strangers, that's when you know you've got awesome hair (and found an awesome brand)! The smell does definitely make you hungry... I still want it as a perfume haha. Since this, I have bleached all of my hair and have gone for a red-to-blonde ombre using Arctic Fox :)

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