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Monday, March 14, 2016

Cruelty-free Lipstick Collection

 This post is a very new kind of post for me to write, as I have never been a massive fan of lip products. In all honesty, I've never strayed away from your bog-standard chap-stick. But during my absence from the blog, I feel like I have been going through a phase of upping my make-up game slightly. And even more so since I've found so many awesome colours from amazing brands that also happen to be cruelty-free. I've had my little stash sitting around for some time now, just sitting there waiting for a post to be written about them. So, if you're like me and you like extraordinary colours that aren't what you would normally see many people wearing, keep reading and I shall introduce you to these little gems.

If you're vaguely interested in the make-up world, the bettings are you've probably heard of the brands Lime Crime and Anastasia Beverly Hills. Before purchasing these lip products, I'd never owned any of either brands but I had heard good things about both of them. One little thing that put me off buying anything off them both for quite some time was the fact that they are American brands, and I live in the UK. So sometimes shipping can be more expensive than the product costs themselves, and admittedly I hadn't looked about much to see whether this would be the case, and I also hadn't checked to see if there was any UK stockists to purchase from to save on shipping costs. But one day I just took the jump and as you can see, I bought some. The Lime Crime products I bought from the website itself, which you can visit by clicking here. I bought the Anastasia Beverly Hills lipglosses from the app, Depop. This was simply so I could try them out and try to get them at a cheaper price, to see whether I liked their products or not. I will list some places where you can purchase ABH products in the UK at the bottom of the post.
The lipsticks and lipglosses that I purchased are all different types, besides the two ABH products which are just a different colour to each other. Here is a little bit about all of them;

  • Lime Crime Carousel Gloss in Hollygram - I brought this one because I thought having a green lipgloss was an unusual choice, but considering my hair colour choices I couldn't see why it wouldn't match my hair at one point or another. I did originally buy this off the official website, but it isn't sold on there anymore, so the link will take you to a UK stockist that still has some in stock. It's an extremely glittery and shiny lipgloss, so it definitely catches the eye very quickly. The formula is quite thick and extremely sticky on the lips however, so it isn't a good choice if you're going to be eating or drinking much. I do feel very Joker-esque when I wear it, which I kind of love.
  • Lime Crime Velveteen in Cement - Out of all of the products, this is the colour that I have worn the most since I received it. Again, I purchased this colour as it isn't a shade I've seen many people wearing, so I thought I'd jump completely out of my comfort zone whilst I was already buying lip products. This goes on as a liquid, and then it dries to a complete matte shade, which doesn't come off your lips, even when you eat or drink. It stays on for hours and very rarely needs reapplying, so this one is a definite winner. Currently, this colour is on sale on the Lime Crime website for £11.31, so it isn't too badly priced either and a little really does go a long way with this.
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in Midnight - For anyone that knows me, they'll know I purchased this because I pretty much live and die in the colour black. Being pale skinned, I wasn't sure how this colour on the lips was going to make me look as I didn't want to look washed out, or for it to make my teeth look a strange shade because of the contrast. However, it doesn't look too bad. The forumla to this is fairly thick, meaning that it does remain slightly sticky on the lips for the duration that you're wearing it, and because it is so pigmented and the colour is so dark, be careful not to smudge this as it will go everywhere. Trust me. I haven't worn it once yet without ending up with a random smear somewhere else on my face. Again, because of the colour, it does mean that it can be hard to get the pigmentation off of your lips, so be aware of this also when wearing this - you've got to commit to wearing this. I purchased this off of the app Depop, but I cannot find anywhere in the UK besides Amazon that sells the liquid lipsticks. This is priced at £13.94 on the ABH website.
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Lipgloss in Purple Rain - I fell in love with this shimmery lip gloss as soon as I saw it. Like the other ABH product, this was purchased from Depop. This is on the ABH website for £11.15 so it is fairly cheap and a little really does go a long way with this as the colour pay-off is impressive. It is a lip gloss unlike Midnight, so this is meant to feel a little bit wetter and stickier than the other, and I've found that this is best paired with a lipstick underneath to really make the colour pop. It is fine to wear on it's own, but it does transfer really easily and quickly, so having a lipstick or lip liner underneath would help to just keep a bit of colour on your lips. This is a very shimmery purple that is gorgeous to look at and would definitely stand out from the crowd.
  • Lime Crime Perlees in Denim - I really couldn't resist this little lipstick, as I fell in love with the colour and also the pearlescent shimmer in it. I knew that the colour pay-off on this may be a little bit less than the other colours, due to the fact that it is a lipstick, it's blue, and because of the shimmer. From working with blues in the past (mainly hair dye, but blue can be a right motherfluffer to work with) I kind of halted my expectations. Wearing it on it's own shows up the colour fairly well, but what I tend to do is wear the Cement colour underneath, then when that's dry I put a layer of Denim over the top to make the colour a bit stronger. The metallic effect of this lipstick is really unique, especially as it's with a colour most people tend to not wear - which makes me love it all the more. The staying power isn't too bad on this, particularly when you wear something else underneath it, but I would recommend taking the lipstick out with you to be ready to touch up if you want the colour to stay put for a long time. This is currently on sale on the Lime Crime website for £11.12.
Above is a quick swatch that I done with all of the products next to each other. In order, it is Midnight, Denim, Hollygram, Purple Rain, and then Cement.

Overall, I am in love with all of these lip products and would recommend them to anyone who is willing to maybe up their make-up game, or those who want to truly step outside of their comfort zone. I feel like they're all very unique and statement colours, and trust me when I say that people definitely notice that they're not your every day colours. (I had a man stop me when I went to the beach to tell me he really liked the blue, even more so because he never even knew they done blue lipstick.) The only difficult thing is getting your hands on the Anastasia Beverly Hills products. There are suppliers in the UK who sell other ABH products, such as their eyebrow and face products, but I've been looking around and there's next to none when it comes to lip things. You could always try looking on Amazon, but the prices are really bumped up on there due to the products being difficult to access. The other options are to either purchase them off Depop (if you want, I think it's an amazing app), or you can order off of their website, but be prepared to possibly pay custom fees which could be way more expensive than the order itself that you've placed. Lime Crime is a lot easier to access in the UK than ABH as there are a few stockists, and I was reading on their website that Lime Crime actually pay the custom fees for you, so you don't have to worry about any of that if you order from the website.

Have any of the colours caught your eye, if so, which ones? Or have you tried any of the products listed above? I'd love to hear your feedback and thoughts, so leave me some comments below and I'd love to get back to you!
Nicole x

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