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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Urban Decay x Alice Through The Looking Glass Palette.

 If anyone out there is in to beauty and has any knowledge of Urban Decay, there's next to no chance that you could have missed the hype about this limited edition collection that was released recently. As with all Urban Decay products, this lives up to every UD fans expectations and doesn't disappoint. The revolutionary UD have teamed up with Disney in order to create an eyeshadow palette in celebration with the new Alice in Wonderland film that is released later on this month - Alice Through The Looking Glass. Within this gorgeous palette, there are 20 brand new shades that have been created in honour of the film, that also pay tribute to some of the main characters from the up-coming sequel. So, let me get on to show you the amazing design and thought that has gone in to creating this beautiful palette, and show you some of the trippy and gorgeous colours that are fit for the Mad Hatter.

Above is the back of the box that the product comes in, which shows you the colours and their names that are included in this limited edition palette. These are all brand new shades that have been created just for this occasion. As you may notice, each column is named after a main character in the film; the idea behind this is that you can use the four colours in each column to create a look similar to that specific character from the film. Or you can mix up whichever colours you like to create countless unique looks as the combinations that are possible are phenomenal. And can we please admire the amount of thought and detail that has gone in to every aspect of this packaging?!
The scheme of design has been carried out throughout the whole product, all the way down to the detail on the brush that is included with the shadows. Urban Decay never fail to disappoint when it comes to creating not only amazing products, but beautiful packaging as well. This palette is no exception and they have totally outdone themselves. I love the quotes that are included within the palette that are taken from the films, and the 3D butterfly (Absolem) is also a really unique touch to the product that gives it even more of a special feel. I cannot fault the design and packaging with this, it's absolutely gorgeous to look at and I feel proud to have managed to grab myself one when they first came out as this designing is breathtaking.

Hopefully you can see in the above picture that there is quite an array of different shadows that have been included. There are some mattes, some are infused with micro-sparkle, others are super shimmery and metallic, whilst there are some that are more iridescent than others. Below I have done swatches of the shadows that are in their columns that relate to the characters.
Looking Glass - This is a pale pink shade that's demi-matte. It is very light, but doesn't show up all too well on my skin tone due to me being so pale.
Reflection - This is a peach shade that is matte with no shimmer or sparkle.
Dormouse - This is a rather warm brown shade that has a slight hint of gold sparkle.
Metamorphosis - This is a bright blue that is described as being 'periwinkle' on the UD website. It also has a tiny hint of sparkle.
 Mad Hatter
Hatter - This shade is a vibrant green that has a very slight shimmer to it that is almost iridescent.
Gone Mad - This is a fairly deep aubergine purple shade that has a slightly pink pearl finish to it.
Paradox - This is a vivid orange shade that has a golden pearl finish when applied.
Cake - This is a very vibrant pink that has a blue/silver shimmer to it.
Lily - This originally looks like a shimmery cream colour, but when applied it has a iridescent pink pearl finish that's pretty unique.
Duchess - This is a peachy-brown shade that also has the iridescent pink pearl finish when applied.
Kingdom - This is a shimmery copper colour that has a pearly brown finish.
Chessboard - This is a medium brown shade that has a matte finish.
Heads Will Roll - This is a very vibrant turquoise that has a slightly golden sparkle to it.
Bandersnatch - This shade is a rather dark blue, but it does come out as a dark tealish matte shade if it isn't built up.
Salazen Grum - This is a very metallic and shiny crimson shade.
Royal Flush - This is a shimmer pale peach-beige shade.
Time - This is a very dark navy shade which is almost black, which has a satin finish but has a blue iridescent shimmer to it.
Dream On - This is a silvery-purple shade that is metallic in the palette. This does just come out as shimmer unless you build it up quite a bit so you can see the colour.
Chronosphere - This is a metallic bronze shade that has an iridescence to it that is almost coppery when applied.
Mirror - This shade is a hybrid colour between grey and taupe. I found it comes out looking more taupe when only a little bit of shadow is used, yet it can be built up to a more grey shade when layered up.

After doing swatches of all of the colours, I was left more satisfied than I thought I would be. When I initially looked at the palette, I must admit that I thought the colours were going to be too good to be true and that the pay-off wasn't going to live up to the expectations I had. I'm glad to say that I was pleasantly surprised and Urban Decay really have outdone themselves. The only two that I was slightly disappointed with were the shades Bandersnatch and Dream On, this is because the first shade looks very dark in the pan and actually comes out a lot lighter in shade than I was expecting. This obviously isn't a problem, as it can be built up so it's easily rectified. With the latter shade though, this didn't live up to the expectations I had for it, as it was really difficult to use this. As I stated in the brief description for it, this shade literally came out as just glitter and I really had to apply so many layers to get the colour to show. I'm not sure if it's just my palette that has this issue, or whether it's the shade in general and it has too much sparkle in it? Either way, I was looking forwards to incorporating this shade in to some looks, but I think I'll just end up reaching for it if I need a little bit of shimmer that isn't going to affect the colour that it's going on top of.

With that being said about the Dream On shade, that is the only one out of the 20 shades that I had any worries about. Every other shadow could be applied easily and the pigmentation for the majority of them is absolutely phenomenal. Due to this, I can see this palette lasting an incredibly long time, as you really don't need to build up most of these colours as the pay-off is excellent. They're silky feeling when they're on the skin, and you literally cannot feel yourself wearing anything, so your eyes don't feel caked with shadow when you're creating any looks. All of the shades are very easy to blend, meaning it's going to be even more easy to create so many countless looks and combinations. My favourites have to be the metallics as they are just gorgeous. In particular, my favourite shades are Hatter, Gone Mad, Paradox, Kingdom, Salazen Grum (absolute favourite this one!), Time, Chronosphere, and Mirror. I wasn't expecting myself to like the next two following shades, as I'm not a girly-girl and they're a completely different colour than what I'd typically reach for, but I fell in love with Lily and Duchess when I swatched them due to their iridescence. They're just so pretty!

This collection went on sale in various different places in the UK, so if you want a chance to bag some of the limited edition products whilst they're available, it might be worth looking in more than one place. Some places I'm aware of are Urban Decay UKSelfridges and you could always try Debenhams and House of Fraser to check if they come back in stock. As an alternative, you can always check eBay or Depop, but just bare in mind that the prices will probably be quite bumped up on here as it is limited edition.

Do you have any favourites from this palette? Did you manage to grab yourself one when they went on sale? Let me know in the comments or on my social media as I'd love to know your thoughts!


  1. Love this fashion wishlist and your picks, so perfect for the transitional time!


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