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Friday, September 09, 2016

Weekend Away

At the beginning of July, my boyfriend and I went away for the night in a lovely little village just a few miles away from Great Yarmouth. This pretty place was called Winterton-on-Sea, It done us both good to get away from the small place that we live in and to just have a breather. The 'every day, same routine' takes its toll on every one, and we are no exception to the rule. Whilst we were there, we just ate some great food, drank some alcoholic beverages (who doesn't on getaways?), went for some mini-hikes, went in to town and went to the Sealife Centre, and happened upon an American Muscle Car Meet - a dream come true for us both as we adore Mustangs! This is a very picture-heavy post with very little writing, so continue on looking if you're interested.

The awesome thing about where we stayed was the fact it was in what I call 'the little roundhouse'. That little gem would be the exact place pictured above. It had a bedroom, bathroom (with a beautiful shower, I'm a sucker for amazing shower architecture), living room area, and a kitchen. It was so nice to just have this little bit of space to make our home for one night, and I wanted to stay longer as soon as we saw the inside of the building. The site that it was on too was quiet and peaceful, and had a beautiful view over the hills and at the sea, which was another added bonus.

So many gorgeous Mustangs! We were in our element looking at all of these, and trust me when I say we spent a good hour walking around and gawping at them. We also spent ages looking at the penguins - my bad - because they're just so cute. Little fun fact, these are the first two pictures we've taken together, so enjoy those. I really enjoy putting lifestyle/day trip posts like this together, so there will probably be more of these in the future if I remember to take photos whilst I'm out!

Nicole x

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