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Thursday, June 06, 2019

Lush's 30th Anniversary Haul

This year, Lush, the creator of the bath bomb and of beautiful bath art is celebrating their 30th anniversary. To celebrate in relevant fashion, the now-thirty year old cruelty-free brand has released a whopping 54 bath bombs to commemorate this milestone. This release sees some brand new inventions, alongside some products that have been seen before during seasonal periods, and it also features some of the products that were released in the Lush Harajuku store last year. Most local stores will have a selection of the limited edition products for you to see, whereas you can view them all online. Here's what I initially grabbed upon seeing the launch and my first impressions!

Black Rose (£6.95) - This bath bomb was one that I was really excited about picking up when I initially saw a few of the releases. It shares the same scent as the Rose Jam shower gel, which smells exactly how it sounds like it would; of roses, with a dash of sweetness. This scent comes from the Turkish rose and lemon components in the bomb, and results in a memorable strong and distinct smell. This product also contains cocoa butter to add some moisture to your bath, so you can finish it feeling hydrated and smelling great. Black Rose fizzes at a reasonable rate, and produces some white and grey foam, with some dazzling dashes of pink. The end result is some extremely mesmerising shimmery water that is dark grey-black in colour, and will leave your skin feeling not only hydrated, but also shimmery once you are dry. If you are not a fan of glitter, then this bath bomb is not for you. But if this doesn't faze you and you are a fan of rose scents, this is one I would definitely recommend picking up to try! 

Blackberry (£3.95) - This product is one that was originally part of Lush's all year round collection of bombs, but was removed... And now it is back with a new appearance! Instead of being a normal sphere, this fruity number is now sporting a new blackberry shape, which suits it even better than before. Blackberry contains olibanum, limonene, and bergamot, which results in a more woody scent than you would think. It doesn't smell like it's title, although it does have a dash of sweetness to the scent, which the limonene lends to the overall scent. This bomb will leave you with some pretty lilac water, and it has a little surprise up it's sleeve when it's fizzing. Blackberry releases dashes of pink in to the water, which will dance around in the water in an oil-like fashion. Besides these pink flashes, this product doesn't put on much of a show, but it is still lovely nonetheless. If you are looking for a simplistic bath bomb to relax with - without having to watch the bath art - then this may be the ideal Lush product for you!

Calavera (£5.95) - Before I start explaining this, can you just take a look at how gorgeous Calavera looks? The look alone is what caught my attention, but after reading what it was supposed to smell like I was sold even more on it. This product is Calacas-scented, and if you have never smelt that then the smell consists of lime, neroli, and olibanum. To me, this product smells pretty sweet and almost reminds me of that sweet sherbert smell that Dragon's Egg has, but with a more powerful kick of lime. I adore the scent of this, and actually wish Lush sold this permanently as it is divine. Calavera will produce lots of white foam on top of the water whilst it is fizzing, and dashes of yellow, pink, and blue will also dance across the foam as it dissolves. As the centre of Calavera is exposed, marigold petals will bloom in to your water; delivering a spa-like feel to your bath time. If you don't mind playing a little more money for this product, and you are looking for something that is invigorating and makes you feel more alive, then Calavera might be just the thing that you are looking for!

The Comforter (£3.95) - This fruity little number is one which has been around for a long time, in the form of The Comforter bubble bar. This version of The Comforter shares exactly the same smell, which is of sweet blackberries. The scent isn't too overpowering though, and is toned down with the addition of cassis, bergamot, and cypress oil. It still smells fruity, but not so much so that you feel like you're bathing in pure blackberry juice. This orb of sweetness will result in fuschia pink water which will be surprisingly shimmery. Priced at the average bomb price of £3.95, this product will not break the bank, and will still give you a beautiful bathing experience!

Groovy Kind of Love (£5.95) - GKOL is a very colourful and pretty product which is sure to catch a lot of people's attention. This multicoloured bath bomb contains rosewood, bergamot, and ylang ylang, which results in a perfect mixture of sweetness and earthiness. The smell isn't overpowering at all, and is sure to smell even better upon meeting the water. As each ring of colour fizzes away, you can be guaranteed to see each of the individual colours making themselves known on the foam. As the multitude of colours fizz away, they will mix together to create a beautiful orange water which is calming and will aid you in relaxing and just taking a breather. A little more expensive than the permanent line of bath bombs, GKOL is more of a splurge, but it makes up for it with it's showmanship in the water. If you are wanting a little more pizzaz to your bath, then this might be ideal for you to try out!

Hi Ho Silver (£5.95) - Ahoy, magnificent waters! This little beauty is indeed a smaller bath bomb than usual, with a higher price point than most of the year-round bombs. With Hi Ho Silver, you are paying for the unique smell and amazing outcome that it gives your bath. This purple sphere contains citrus and olibanum, which results in an odd smell which I can't quite pinpoint. To me, it smells floral with a dash of sweetness, but to my nose it also seems to have an almost violet smell in there too. This particular product also contains a bath melt, which can be seen by the sparkly 'badge' at the top. This bath melt contains shea butter, cocoa butter, and almond oil to add a blast of hydration to your skin whilst you are soaking in the bath. Using Hi Ho Silver will result in lilac waters, with a gorgeous sheen of shimmer on the surface of the water, which gives the appearance of molten silver. As you can imagine, the bath melt will make your water very shimmery, so if this isn't something that you enjoy in your bath then this is one to avoid. Despite HHS being smaller in overall size, this product is a fairly slow fizzer, so it makes up for it's lack of size!

Hulder (£5.95) - This bath bomb looks very similar to a geode, although isn't named as such as there is another product in the range with that namesake. This one is really pretty to look at, and delivers a fantastic show. The smell is the one thing I am undecided on, as I can't place what it smells like at all. Hulder contains cypress oil, elemi oil, tangerine, and davana oil. As I do not know what these actually smell like, I can't describe it accurately. I personally cannot smell the tangerine in this product, but in my opinion it has a unique almost earthy scent, and doesn't smell sweet at all. It's a grounding smell for sure, and is one I'd certainly recommend smelling in stores if you are able to. If you can bypass the smell, this overachiever definitely delivers some spectacular viewing. It is a slow fizzer and will present shimmery bright green and purple foam as it dissolves, and will leave you with some really pretty green water. Despite not being able to pinpoint the smell, I really like Hulder and it one that I would recommend if you are wanting a bath bomb that produces some lovely bath art.

Magma (£6.95) - This addition to the anniversary range is actually quite big and therefore comes with a slightly steeper price tag. It is beautiful to look at with the stunning red and orangey-yellow, and really does represent magma. A warm smell is what you would expect from this due to the name and appearance, and you would be correct in thinking this. Magma contains peppermint and cinnamon, thus creating a warming, spicy menthol aroma. You can smell both components strongly within Magma, and would be perfect for those days where you may not be feeling totally yourself, as this will aid with clearing your senses whilst helping you wind down and relax. From this bath bomb, you can expect to see a fiery combination of colours in the foam - yellows, reds, and oranges. These colours will produce some shimmery foam and water that is orange at the end, but Magma is definitely one of the less glittery bath bombs. Initially, I didn't really like the smell of this product, but over time it grew on me, and became the perfect kick to wake me up when I was feeling groggy. If you are searching for something similar, then Magma may just be the perfect bath bomb for you to help ignite that inner flame!

Pirates of The Carrageenan (£5.95) - Ready to set sail? This treasure chest will open up a bath full of wonder for you, and will release it's treasure in to the water. PotC contains pimento berry, ginger oil, sandalwood, and patchouli. To me, this bath bomb smells predominantly of sandalwood, so it delivers a very earthy smell that is also fresh at the same time. It also contains seaweed to help soften the skin, and is where the Pirates of The Carrageenan gets it's name inspiration from, as carrageenan is what is extracted from edible red seaweed. Once you have plopped this bath bomb in to your water, you can expect to have tides of green and yellow foam, with the waters below turning a bright green with hidden treasure in the form of gold shimmer. One a day will keep the Kraken at bay!

Strawberries and Cream (£3.95) - In the mood to enjoy the hot weather and beaming sunshine, but can't actually get outside or withstand the scorching sun? This product may just be the thing for you, to help transport you to that mindset, even if it is only for ten or so minutes. Strawberries and Cream contains berries and black pepper, which results in a fruity scent with a kick of spice to tone back on the water becoming too sweet. Whilst it doesn't necessarily smell of actual strawberries, it does smell like it's cousin. SaC carries the standard price tag as the all-year-round products, so you can happily indulge in this little pleasure without feeling too guilty. This is more of a simple bath bomb; relatively fast fizzing, no surprises, produces some milkiness to the water, and leaves your bath a pretty pale red shade. The perfect little bomb that will have you almost believing that you are sipping a cold strawberry and lime Kopparberg cider whilst topping up your tan (probably not best to use in the winter!).

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